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If you have a reptile lover, then you have to visit Reptilia in Vaughn, Ontario. My animal lover who is a huge fan of dinosaurs could not be more happy to know that we were visiting a place that only had reptiles. The kids have asked me if they could have a snake but the thought of having to raise mice so they could be fed to them always deterred them.

We decided to go on a Friday morning, we prefer to head out to tourist attractions during the week rather than fight the weekend crowds. It’s great because you have space to explore and you don’t have to worry about losing a child in the crowd.

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Learn about reptiles at Reptilia in Vaughn, Ontario. If you have animal lovers this is a great place to take them to explore and see them up close.

When you walk into Reptilia, there are glass enclosures on each side where you’re able to view different snakes, lizards and turtles. My kids were really excited as they walked in.

My son who loves snakes wanted to tell me all about the snakes that we were looking at and where they came from. Some of them were gigantic.

In the middle of the museum there is a small play area for small kids. There’s a slide and a play house where you can climb up and look out over the viewing area. The kids enjoyed waving to use from the top.  There’s also a pond in the front there with turtles inside.

Our son’s favorite snake was the albino python from South America, it was in the case with a regular colored python and it was wonderful to compare the two snakes  side by side. One of the workers was speaking with the kids about how the albino snake doesn’t have any color pigments but you can see that the patterns were the same.

At specific times in the day, there’s a guided tour where you can follow the guide who talks about the different animals and she even takes them out of the cage to allow you to pet them. The kids loved this part.

They were able to touch the snake, a giant lizard and a turtle. They were very gentle and my daughter loved describing how it felt to me afterwards.

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The kids really enjoyed their time here and it’s  an intimate atmosphere where you can enjoy the animals with a lot to take in. In the midst the Reptilia, there are two alligator tanks which were a huge favorite. The museum also has designated feeding times where you could see the animals being fed. On the Friday, that we were there they were going to feed the Alligator Snapping Turtle but we had to leave.
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  1. Aw, my daughter would love this! She also loves snakes! Looks like a neat place.

    1. My kids had a blast!

  2. This is really cool. When I worked at a zoo we had to stop letting children touch the reptiles because of the fear of zoonotic diseases. . It is so nice when I see kids getting the opportunity to touch them. Nothing negates the ‘slimy snake’ myth more than touching the actual snake.

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