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If you have a science minded child who loves to build and take things apart, you’ll be thankful you discovered Creation Crate. I partnered with them because I knew that my son would benefit from their monthly electronic kits. Yes, that’s write, each month you’ll get a new project delivered right to your door. My son loves getting mail so he loves this idea. Science lovers with love to Learn About Electronics with Creation Crate - get a monthly subscription box to your door, what a great surprise You get a circuit board and all of the components to build the hardware, but that’s not it. It doesn’t work, you also have to program it to get it to work. That’s what makes this unique. There are other projects that you can buy and you put them together and they work great but this gets you thinking and exposes your child to coding as well. electonics4 As my son put the components together, we discussed why we were connecting parts to another, how the current would flow and what outcome we were going to expect once we got the circuit working. electronics5 The kit comes with a small instruction booklet which also includes the code for the program. You need to download a free program that codes the circuit and it took a good amount of troubleshooting the code before it was uploaded correctly. This was a good lesson in doing a good and accurate job and gave my son a taste of coding without it being too overwhelming. It took him about 3 days to type it out and then another 3 days to troubleshoot. electronics2

Once we got the code right, then our hardware was not set up properly and we had to go back and troubleshoot the circuit. You can also head on over to the website to see a larger pic of the circuit to see what you did wrong. We were experience some issues and I was in contact with the owner, Chris, who I sent pictures into and he helped us troubleshoot and get our Mood Lamp working. Turned out to be a pesky wire that was in the wrong spot. Argh.

There’s no sense of accomplishment like when you’ve put all of your time building something and then actually seeing it work.

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  1. What age is this for? Looks so interesting!

    1. Their site says it’s for kids 12+ but my son is 8 and he did it on his own, he did take a few days to write out the code because he hasn’t learned to type that fast yet. It can also be used by adults as well.

  2. The “Enter the Giveaway” button doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Thank you I’ve corrected the link, it should be working now.

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