Kangaroo Coloring Pages

Do you have an animal lover in your home? So if you want your kids to learn about kangaroos, these Kangaroo Coloring Pages are for you!

Whether you’re learning about Australia and its native animals or doing an animal kingdom study, kids will love learning about kangaroos.

Keep reading to get your free coloring pages for your kangaroo lover!

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Kangaroo Coloring Pages

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If you need great references about kangaroos, you have to read these kangaroo books! Some of them offer interesting facts and even great kangaroo stories for little ones!

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Kangaroo Coloring Pages

Kangaroo Life Cycle Stages

Before you start this fun coloring activity it is good to familiarize yourself and your little ones with the stages of the kangaroo life cycle. This four-part cycle consists of neonate (the newborn stage), joey (the young stage), adolescent (the teenage stage), and adult (fully grown).

Neonate Kangaroos

When a female kangaroo gives birth, the baby kangaroo is called a neonate. It is born very small—about the size of a large bean—and needs to be kept warm and safe until it is strong enough to begin its journey into the world.

Joey Kangaroos

As the baby grows stronger, it starts venturing out of its mother’s pouch for brief periods of time. At this stage, it is referred to as a joey and it continues to grow while drinking milk from its mother’s pouch.

Adolescent Kangaroos

When the joey gets older and larger, it begins to spend more time outside of its mother’s pouch and starts grazing on grasses and plants along with her. This stage is known as adolescence and lasts until the joey becomes sexually mature at around two years old.

Adult Kangaroos

Finally, when the adolescent reaches sexual maturity at two years old, he or she is considered an adult kangaroo! A reminder that one day your little one may become an adult themselves!

Montessori Wooden Australia Animals Matching Cards

Test your child’s memory about the animals that live in Australia with these wooden matching cards. Grab this for your animal lover as a gift!

Kangaroo Guessing Game

If you want to play a fun guessing game, you can download this pattern and make your own. Can you guess what momma kangaroo is hiding in her pocket?

Kangaroo Coloring Pages

How to Use the Kangaroo Coloring Pages

When it comes to kangaroo coloring pages, bright, vibrant colors are key! The more accurate and vivid the colors on your finished product, the more realistic and life-like your drawing will look.

In addition to this being a great way to practice color recognition and coordination skills, it’s also just plain fun! Encourage your kids to get creative when choosing their colors – after all, there are no right or wrong answers here!

If you want to go the extra mile with this coloring activity, why not add some extra details? For example, you could draw patterns on the kangaroos’ fur or even add some background elements such as trees or grass.

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Download the Kangaroo Coloring Pages below

Kangaroo coloring pages are an easy and fun way for homeschool moms to supplement their curriculum. Not only do they provide an interactive activity for kids but they also teach important concepts like color recognition and coordination as well as foster creativity through self-expression.

So why not give them a try today? Who knows – you may even end up having as much fun as your little ones!

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