Is My Child Dyslexic?

Is your child struggling with learning the alphabet or simple math facts? Does your child mix up their letters or words while reading? If you think you may have a struggling learning, please keep reading. Is my child dyslexic? Do you have a struggling learning? Are they having trouble reading, writing or with math? You may have a dyslexic child who with help and perseverance can begin to thrive not just survive in their homeschool or classroom.Early signs to look for come from the book, Dyslexia Outside-the-Box from Wings to Soar Online Academy, where Beth Nash gives insightful ways to encourage your learners who think differently.
  • difficulty rhyming words
  • difficulty learning the alphabet
  • mild speech delays
  • reversing words in reading and writing like was to saw or form to from
Dyslexic students have stronger right brain strengths such as creativity, big-picture thinking, 3-dimensional thinking and high levels of empathy. They have weaknesses such as poor spelling, difficulty with organization of sounds to process language, slow or inaccurate reading, poor written composition and difficulty understanding math concepts which are left brain focused. If you’re looking for strategies to help your child deal with their different way of thinking, this is the book for you. Half of the book and all tips and ideas to help them learn their way so that they don’t struggle as learners. I love Beth’s five finger rule for reading. As the child starts a book, have them raise a finger for each word they have trouble reading if it’s more than five than it’s time to choose another book. She recognizes that there are times to challenge a reader but there’s a need to help with fluency more here as little ones are learning to read. I love the advice of taking your child on a sensory journey. Like if they were learning about digestion, how would food travel through the body, what parts would you enter and what would happen to it. The book goes through strategies that can help with reading, writing, and math. The three subjects that dyslexic students struggle with the most. There are resources in each chapter that you can use to delve further into a topic where the author can’t get deeper into. The most important part of the book is that your child is not condemned if they are diagnosed as dyslexics. There are accommodations that can be done by the school and the parent to help your child thrive. There are tons of strategies and tools that you can load up into your parenting arsenal to help your child succeed. Now’s your chance to get your own copy. Beth has graciously offered 3 copies of her books to my readers if you think you may have a child struggling with dyslexia or would like to learn more, enter below. Enter to win one of three paperback copies of Dyslexia Outside-the-Box. All entries will be eligible for a reserved seat in one of our popular learning enrichment and remedial programs at a special discounted price. Choose six-month access to Moby Max, BrainPOP (and BrainPOP Jr.), or Dyslexia Gold for just $25 (regular price $100-$150) or our Enrichment and Skills Building Package (Moby Max, BrainPOP, and RAZ Plus) at a SUPER SAVINGS of only $75 for six-month access! Best Tips for Overwhelmed Homeschool Moms - we all started not knowing and thing and here were are still homeschooling years later, see what these wonderful bloggers have to offer to help you get over your fear of homeschooling your kids. The best advice and tips for homeschool moms you can't get anywhere else.

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