Imaginative Block Play

I love open end activities because you can let your kids at it and they come up with the most wonderful creations. I’m a more relaxed homeschool mama and like to see where their ideas take them rather than dictating their learning activities the whole day. I’m sure you’ve seen us using our Spielgaben set as it comes with many options to build and create with. One of those building materials is the wooden pattern blocks. They lay flat and you can have your child pattern with them, count or sort them as well. However, on this day, my kids decided they wanted to build with them instead.Get your creative juices going with imaginative block play  

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Imaginative Block Play Supplies

  • Spielgaben pattern blocks
  • You could also use wooden blocks, wooden pattern math blocks
I handed the kids the blocks and they chose what they wanted to build. I asked questions about what they were building and my son was set on having his tank looking as realistic as possible with the wheels the same way his tank looked. My son’s inventions always involve transportation or war or weapons. So I was not surprised when the first thing he decided to create was a tank. A battle is not complete without some Star Wars and he made an AT-AT as well along with a pick up truck since daddy has one. imaginative-blocks-3 My daughter decided that she would build a rain cloud that was getting full of rain. Except it’s so much more than that because there were towers on each side that was getting rained on and she loved adding in the colorful elements to make her cloud pretty. imaginative-blocks-2 My kids had a wonderful time and they each had their own boards to build on which saved momma from having to referee sibling fights about how much space each child got. I love that each of the drawers can be organized so you can put away the toys easily and be ready for play the next day. If you mention that you saw Spielgaben here, you’ll get an 11% discount on your own set. Get into science and build structures with Spielgaben toys - a versatile and learning toy that rocks

Building Structures with Spielgaben Toys


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