How to Reset a Bad Homeschool Day

Bad homeschool days happen. It’s a part of the homeschool life and it’s normal just like a bad day in public schools are. As homeschool parents, we need to be equipped to handle them and that can be a challenge at times. Here are a few times to help get your day back on track! Don't fret, get your act together, we all have bad days but I'll show you how to reset a bad homeschool day. Examine attitudes What are your kids attitudes? What caused them? If you can track down what caused the attitude then you can work to help fix it. Sometimes the attitude is yours. You need to examine what caused it and how you can help fix it so it doesn’t continue to harm your day. Mix it up Sometimes the cause is just plain boredom and that means you need to mix things up a bit. Take a look at how you are doing things and figure out what you can do differently. Can you make some of it hands on, or an art project? Can you incorporate Legos or even a field trip? Get that spark back. Get out of the house Sometimes you get into a rut plain and simple. You continue going because you find a good groove but you forget that groove is good for you and not your kids. When was the last time you got out of the house for a school day? Take your day to the library, the park or just take it out to run errands. It can help to even just toss a blanket in the back yard and take a study break outside. Take a break It is ok to stop and take a break for a day or two. The best part about homeschooling is the flexibility. If you need a break take a few days off and pick back up again. This is always needed because you don’t always get the breaks, 3 day weekends and even weeks off like public school kids. There are no unexpected weather days with homeschool so an unexpected break will be welcomed for both of you. If it makes you feel better you can limit the activities they are allowed to do to educational ones. You are a mom first Remember you are above all else a mom. You kids need you, not teacher mom, not wife mom, not maid mom but you, their mom. Take off your other hats and just be there to listen. Bribe If all else fails, give them a bribe. Look at these as more of an incentive. If you have a good school day they can have dessert, ice cream, go to a friend’s house when you are done etc. Give them something to look forward to at the end of a school day and they are much more likely to endure it with a smile. How do you reset a bad school day?

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