How to Bring Art into All of Your Subjects

It’s so easy to just stick to our textbooks as we teach our kids but it can get plain boring for them. They’re not allowed to express their creativity. Then art gets left behind because it’s the “extra” subject. You’re barely able to get through the main subjects that art slips away. You have art and craft supplies but you really should provide better instruction. You’re not artsy yourself so you have no idea what you’re doing. Enter Drawn to Discover, a new online enrichment program for children aged 4-11. They teach science, math, language arts, geography, history, handwriting, and more… through art.
Do you wonder how you can bring art into all of your subjects? Make time for art more and then you don't have to worry about teaching it separately. You can do art for science, math, writing and more. Drawn to Discover can have your kids creating amazing projects from day 1.
Imagine if you didn’t do art as its own subject, but you did it as a part of the other subjects you learn.

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Notebook the world around you

You can capture drawings of the world around you, when you’re outside in your backyard or out on a hike with your family, bring along a notebook and have your kids record what they see. Plants, animals or scenery that they can draw and color will go a long way rather than them just telling you about it. They will pick out the things that are most important to them.

Respond in drawings

Learning about a special event in history or fractions in math, you can diagram as you teach and have your child explain their answers with a drawing. Have them draw a perfect 1/4 of a fraction using pizza or pies. Let them choose and then color it. They may only answer one math question but look at all of the skills they would have used to draw a round circle and to evenly divide it into 4 pieces.

Keep a journal

Have them draw a picture before they do their writing. You’ll see that writing will come easier if they can just write about what they just drew. My boys always struggled with what to write about but they always had a picture in the head and then it was easier to translate that into words.
How to Bring Art into All of Your Subjects

Why should your kids learn to draw?

Drawing promotes fine motor muscle control, attention to detail, increases confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It’s a wonderful work of accomplishment when your child completes and project and is ready to show it off to you.
Drawn to Discover art projects
Drawn to Connections is one of the programs that we started with. It started with a warm-up lesson where they practice drawing and coloring activities before they get to the actual lesson. The drew dragons, a dog, flowers and a patterned flower. My daughter who is 6 loved this and my son who is 10 did a great job too. I was happy to find something that they could both do together and you can see the difference in their work level.
STEAM art projects
The projects are bright and colorful and you can see the amount of attention they have to put towards their work to come out with great projects. I was worried my daughter would feel overwhelmed, but she isn’t and the instruction is easy enough for her to follow too.
The kids will pause the video to work on something if it’s moving too quickly but they haven’t had to do it that often. Pattern art project

Drawn to Peace

This program takes special quotes from peacemakers and they draw a picture to illustrate that quote. I can’t wait to start on this one, the projects I’ve peaked at look amazing.

Drawing Cursive

I didn’t think writing in cursive could be done via drawing but this program does it really well and teaches your kids to write in cursive in a fun way that isn’t repetitive or boring.

Preschool – Project Pencil Grip

This preschool program is perfect to start working on their pencil grip with simple art projects that are on their level.
Drawn To Discover is an online, educational program promoting childhood literacy and creativity. They use technology to promote handwriting, drawing, and creative thinking.
We don’t want kids to be staring at screens passively, we want them to truly learn. If you have a child who is begging for more creativity or who needs to refine their handwriting skills, this program is for them.
It is geared towards kids who are 4-11. An annual subscription to their site is $119.88 and the monthly membership is $11.99.
For those who can’t wait to jump in, use the special code to save 20% off. Go to the pricing page and use the code: learn20 to save 20% off on the monthly and annual membership.


  1. Cathy Reuter says:

    My struggle are having the time to incorporate it in and knowing what to teach or how to even begin.
    Cathy Reuter, Mom of 4 (8th, 5th, 3rd and Kinder)

  2. I’d have to say the biggest stuggle is the cost of art supplies

  3. Judith Martinez says:

    My biggest struggle with teaching art is obtaining and organizing art materials.

  4. Rebecca F says:

    My biggest struggle with teaching art is knowing what to teach and just actually doing it.

  5. This sounds like such a great program! I’m always looking for ways to add art to our day.

  6. The biggest struggle is not being very good at art myself. I cannot draw or create well at all.

  7. Keeping the kids interested, and purchasing supp!ies.

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