How Does Your Child Learn?

You have decided to homeschool you child, what curriculum should you use? You need to determine the best way your child learns, this will aid you in choosing homeschool curricula. What kind of learner do you have? how-does-child-learn

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Various learning styles 

  • Visual learners – the child who learns by looking at the information.  They are able to draw pictures better than write about what they’ve read. The best learning tools include diagrams, videos, documentaries, and demonstrations.
  • Auditory learners – The child learns by hearing the information. Visual presentation is not retained until they can hear the information. They like to listen to music and audio books. Reading aloud works best for this child. Ask them to narrate or summarize what they’ve just heard to retain the information.
  • Kinaesthetic learners – The child learns through movement. They need a hands-on approach and learn by doing. They are in constant motion and may have difficulty with a lot of seat work. The best way to teach them is with manipulatives, let them write in sand, create letters with play dough, use linking blocks and coins for math.
Not only is it important to find out how your child learns, you should also think about your teaching style. I’m an auditory learner and kept trying to teach him by reading or telling him everything not realizing that he was not retaining anything because of his visual learning style. Had I known this before hand, it would have save me a lot of headaches. Not only is it important that you determine how your child learns, you’ll also want to incorporate your child’s interest into their year as well. If you have a child that loves trucks, how about find books and projects that center around that topic. This makes it much more fun for your child as they are learning at the same time. Let them get an input into their curriculum and you’ll see that they are more engaged and willing to learn as you open those books each day.  This post is a part of my 31 day series – Ultimate List of Homeschooling Questions.Thinking about homeschooling? Get your questions answered
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