Homeschooling Through the Holidays – On the Go

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Our family loves to travel. Okay. I love to travel. There is something about being away that makes me truly happy. Our desire to travel frequently is part of the reason we homeschool. And now, the holidays are upon us. Homeschooling through the holidays while on the go can definitely happen but takes some planning.

There is something about being away that makes me truly happy.

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Homeschooling Through the Holidays – On the Go

My plan is to not take a break during the holidays. The kids started after Labor Day and I already feel like there are “behind”. How do we plan on tackling the holidays? Downsize!

Since we will be hitting the road soon to see family and bringing all our school books weighs us down. Literally. We plan on taking our rv so we don’t have a whole lot of space. With that said, all of our lessons will be compacted.

The girls, Rea and KB, are the easiest. I have already sorted their lessons into weeks. This system allows me to grab and go. I use clips to hold their lessons together in a file folder. As for books, our library has an app that we use to read on any phone or tablet. We also use ABC Mouse and SpellingCity that they will utilize.

There is something about being away that makes me truly happy.

Bubba’s work does not come that easy. For him, he has quite a few books he reads daily with Sonlight. In science, he completes two areas. We plan on keeping the second area of work at home. He loves the “cool experiments”, so those will stay. The book part of science will go with us but that textbook isn’t too heavy. Instead of bringing his large binder, I will pull out all the sheets he will need over the entire trip length and clip them together.

We recently switched to Time4Learning for Language Arts and Art. He still loves Teaching Textbooks for math. Those three programs are on the computer (Time4Learning needs internet). It won’t be hard for him to get those lessons completed. Plus, when he is working on the computer, I am working with the girls.

The holidays are already crazy and way too hectic.

I am looking forward to getting work done in a timely manner but not allowing it to consume us. There may be a day we don’t complete anything. That’s okay. Homeschooling is a journey and we plan on living every minute of it. Are you taking a break or pushing through this holiday season?

There is something about being away that makes me truly happy.

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