Homeschooling On The Go – Family Travels

I often write about our “Homeschooling On The Go”. This is still about homeschooling on the go, but this is Homeschooling On The Go – Family Travels. Marty and I planned a one month road trip from Georgia to Seattle, Washington. We were going to hit up all the states we hadn’t been to yet (which aren’t that many anymore). As we kept planning it, we decided to just go for 2 weeks and have Mount Rushmore as our “major must-see” for our summer vacation destination. When Marty’s vacation started, we took off in our camper. Our home away from home. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels Our trek was another well planned trip. However, like with all plans, we rarely stick to them 100%. Allowing for the deviations means our kids get to experience more and understand that spontaneity can be life altering (in a good way). So our trek? The route? Ah, yes. Instead of Georgia to Washington, it was Georgia to South Dakota with an impromptu trip to Wyoming. Check out this map. The route isn’t 100% perfect, but you get the drift. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels You said Georgia. Why is Florida on there? Well to be honest, we were in Florida just 1 day after our road trip ended for my cousin’s wedding. Then again for Bubba’s 12th Birthday (early celebration) and again for us to fly to Costa Rica (from Orlando). After Costa Rica we went to Miami to see family. Florida seen a lot of us. This road trip route was more fun than I thought it was going to be. If you follow me on Instagram then you seen a little bit of it. I didn’t share as much as I thought I was going to. I just wanted to keep it between us in the moment and eventually I knew I would share. So here we are. Sharing. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels This long road trip with our baby camper (which your can read all about this lovely addition here) brought our family closer than I could have imagined. I watched our 3 bees play on dirt/gravel roads in rv parks and build forts out of sticks and rocks. They borrowed bicycles and road down hills while barely missing pine trees. They weren’t scared to go to the public bathroom alone (well they were together in a buddy system). They loved to help cook, set up camp, wash clothes, and thought getting dirty was the best part. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels We played board and card games. We stayed up too late every night. We made friends with our “neighbors”. And we learned how to be nervous of severe thunderstorms together. We grew as a family. We became closer as a family. I guess that’s what happens when you log over 5,000 miles in 2 weeks in a 175 square foot camper. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels Traveling teaches on its own. While I still teach my bees or allow our adventures to do that (like the Ark Encounter or various Junior Ranger programs), the traveling aspect is what keeps their minds open. They see the world around them differently. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels I’m often criticized for my travels with the bees. Whether it is long journeys or quick trips to a children’s museum that takes up more time than it should, I am asked about the education I am providing. Sadly, most of these questions come from other homeschool moms. I am not failing my kids. I am doing the complete opposite. I am showing them that there is more than sports, video games, hanging out in the house, or even theme park summer vacation travels. There are cities out there with such rich history that it’s calling our names. I get their sponge absorbing brains to think outside of the box. This thinking outside of the box lead us to a mammoth dig site in South Dakota. Watching their eyes light up and the information pour in is one that is almost impossible to describe. Children learning is a beautiful sight. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels The road trip could have its own Summer Vacation Travels book. Florida (more specifically Treasure Island) was spent building bonds with cousins and great aunts and uncles. We swam in the Gulf of Mexico and created our own little marine biology lab on the white sands. The kids didn’t learn much at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but they were genuinely happy. Our trip to Miami was dubbed the “Trip from Hades” but it really wasn’t. We just had a lot of traveling issues go against us instead of for us (like a tire explosion on the interstate). However, it once again showed us how to regroup and become close as a family through games played on a table. Homeschooling On The Go - Family Travels So what is all this about? Get out! Take your kids on a trip that is off the beaten path. Let them discover on their own. Whether you homeschool or not, travel opens the mind. Your kids will love you for it. Grow as a family and enjoy one another. Do Life Together! Homeschooling On The Go – Family Travels Stacy


  1. Love what you are doing! Traveling with kids give them confidence, real life experience and amazing memories! Looks like you are doing a great job!

    1. Thanks, Joanna! I appreciate your kind words. My desire for them since the beginning was to offer experiences that will open their minds. I hope they enjoy and remember the memories we are creating.

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