Homeschooling On The Go Damages Marriages

I’ve been homeschooling on the go since the beginning. If you follow me, then you will understand that comment. What I have come to learn over the years is that – Homeschooling On The Go Damages Marriages. Homeschooling On The Go Damages Marriages. What happens when you are on the verge of a marriage nightmare and still have to teach the kids? That may not be fair to say but like many things in life, homeschooling on the go damages your marriage. Husbands and Wives have to stay connected to not only grow together but to parent too. It’s easy to let the daily tasks of traveling, teaching (also parenting) and life get in the way of you and your spouse. You need to stop that. Marty and I take couplesonly trips at least once a year. We try to get in a date night once a week. Many weeks we can make it a few nights or days. We need each other and even after 14.5 years, I still learn more about him daily. We just returned from a skiing trip to Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada. It was one of my favorite trips with him so far. We laughed until the tears rolled and our belly’s hurt. We reconnected in many ways. We spoke of the children but we mostly just enjoyed each others company.

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Homeschooling On The Go Damages Marriages

When I can’t communicate with my spouse, we struggle to stay on the same page with each other. It starts with little things and can (and will) eventually lead to bigger issues. I have noticed that when we aren’t lining up, our homeschool life gets wonky. It’s weird, I know, but it always falls to that. Why? We are all stuck with each other 24/7. We all need to be at peace with each other, not causing war. If Marty and I aren’t on the same page with teaching, whether it be for the day or week, the kids will see sides of us that are less than appealing. My fuse is short and I can’t give the best to my kids. Their school work will reflect it as well. If you homeschool, road school, or homeschool on the go like us, find time to reconnect with your spouse. The kids being with you constantly can be exhausting but don’t let it damage your marriage (and it can whether you notice it immediately or not).Homeschooling On The Go Damages Marriages

Simple Ways to Reconnect While Homeschooling On The Go

  1. Take a trip to a local library. Let the kids enjoy story time, a STEM project, or simply play a game on the computer. Find a little spot on the floor and whisper to each other. It’s more fun than you think.
  2. Play a board game (or card game) after the kids have gone to bed. A couple of our favorite games (which are small and portable) are – Qwirkle, Jaipur, Blokus, Sushi Go, Starfluxx, Cockroach Poker, etc.
  3. Hire a babysitter or find a family member to watch the kids for you, whether it’s a day date or evening date.
  4. If going out isn’t an option due to location (or money) – find a local attraction that is kid friendly. Some even have kid drop offs. Don’t be nervous to use kid-sitting areas like those in IKEA. Marty and I have had some wonderful conversations while slowly walking around IKEA with a shopping cart.
  5. One of my all time favorites (whether at home or on the road) – rent a Redbox movie and enjoy snuggling on the couch or in the bed, just the two of you. We always rent two, one for the kids and one for us. That way the kids won’t bother us and we don’t always have to wait until they fall asleep. We have night owls so staying up past them can be difficult.

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