Homeschool Planning – Grade 6

I’ve finally finished most of my planning for M1 who will be in grade 6 this year. I’ve organized my curriculum closet, even though it may not look like it. My curricula has been arranged in terms of time. This I will use this year, then next year, and things that won’t be touched until M2 comes along. That won’t be until another 6 years, but I’d rather keep it then sell it and have to repurchase it again. This year, I was more budget conscience and only needed to purchase 3 new books for this year. I had already purchased M2’s book during the spring, which we’ve already started and will continue. I love getting new books, so this year it wasn’t as exciting. My Story of the World 4 book already has a bent cover since M1 has not put it down since it arrived a couple days ago. I’ve planned out our first 12 weeks at least for everything. A lot of my curricula just has us doing the next thing so I didn’t put in all the page numbers since there are days where we’ll finish more or less and it throws off my page numbers. I usually fill it in after we’ve completed the week. This just gives me an overall picture of where we’ll be at the end of the year if I want to finish our math and history book. I know things will change but it’s nice to have goals. Grade 6 After that, I decide on a weekly schedule, it’s not fixed, he can do whatever he wants in any order as long as the work is completed on that day. Weekly Plan Grade 6 I’m excited for the new school year, I hope to proceed with an open heart and start anew. There were some math challenges and I’m hoping and praying this year will be better. I was not able to attend our local homeschool conference so I decided to freshen my homeschool spirit by reading some of my favorite books: Susan Wise Bauer has audio lectures on her site that are wonderful, I had to listen to them over again to remember what it was I needed to focus on. I recommend Homeschooling the Real Child and Well Prepared Student: How to get ready for high school. The writing ones and literary analysis one are great as well. I was all set on doing physics this year because I thought we should complete the 4 year science cycle. However, M1 loves doing lapbooks still and because of that his favorite subject is science as well as history. I don’t want to change things too much there. We’re going to finish The Elements and then go onto a Electricity lapbook. I’m so glad we took these last 2 weeks off, I was able to complete so much.

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  1. Looks like it’s going to be a great year! I have a sixth grader myself this year.

    I love homeschool planning. I actually have all of our assignments for the year entered into homeschool tracker. lol Thankfully rescheduling is just a couple of clicks.

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