Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Want to have some fun with math this Halloween? These Halloween kindergarten math worksheets will add some creepy crawly fun to your school.

Having a subject like math doesn’t have to be something that the kids will dread. When you can make them focused on a season or holiday, it ups the learning fun in an instant! Here are some great printables that can help your child get excited and geared up for math learning fun.

And for more Halloween fun, check out the rest of our Halloween Printables for Kids.

Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

I know math can get monotonous and boring for kids but my kids always love a differently themed worksheet. For some reason, when you add in bugs and animals, math seems to be more fun, even though they’re still learning the same skills.

And now we have tons of fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share.

I’m a huge believer in combining education and fun, so anything that I can do to keep the interest of my child is a winner in my book! I seriously love Halloween, so I’m just as excited about these Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets as my kiddos!

My kids love Halloween, who doesn’t when you get free candy? My son missed out last year because he was sick and my oldest stayed home to hand out candy so my daughter was the candy breadwinner last year.

This year, my son said, he’s going sick or not, he needs candy. We severely limit sugar so this is the only time they get to go candy crazy.

Everyone deserves a splurge day every once in a while, right? Even mom…who may have to dig through all that candy loot and see if she can find any of her favorite treats..maybe.

Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Recommended Halloween Activity Kits

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These Halloween Preschool Worksheets are full of sweet treats, silly monsters and learning fun.

Halloween Play Dough Kit

This cute play dough kit will make your little one busy this Halloween.

Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Halloween Math Worksheets Supplies

You’ll just need to gather up the following supplies to get started. Most of my printables really only need these supplies so they’re great to have on hand.

Print out the pages to use with your child, you can place them in a sheet protector if you’d like to reuse them, otherwise, let them have at it. My daughter likes to write on her worksheets in her Crayola dry erase center.

Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Recommended Halloween Books

Pair these Halloween math worksheets with these favorite Halloween kid’s books to have some spooky fun.

There are so many good books about Halloween for kids! These are just a few of our favorites and it was hard to narrow it down!

I actually have a tub of books that are all about Halloween that I keep stored away during the year. Then, once the spooky winds start to blow, I pull out my tub of books and the kids get excited!

Since I put them away for the year, this keeps them fresh and new during the Halloween season. This gives the kids time to read them, and then we can put them away until the following Halloween season.

What I love about themed books is that it keeps the excitement of the season going. Kids love to read about Halloween and pairing it up with relatable characters that they love and enjoy just make it that much better!

The Crayons Trick or TreatThe Crayons Trick or TreatThe Halloween Tree: Build New Traditions with This Funny and Imaginative Holiday Book for Children (Halloween Gifts for Kids)The Halloween Tree: Build New Traditions with This Funny and Imaginative Holiday Book for Children (Halloween Gifts for Kids)Little Blue Truck's HalloweenLittle Blue Truck’s HalloweenFroggy's HalloweenFroggy’s HalloweenThe Bad Seed Presents: The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky (The Food Group)The Bad Seed Presents: The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky (The Food Group)Even Monsters Get Scared: Halloween books for kids Preschool (Picture Books - to Help Kid Overcome their Fears.) (Bedtime Picture Books for Preschool kids Book 5)Even Monsters Get Scared: Halloween books for kids Preschool (Picture Books – to Help Kid Overcome their Fears.) (Bedtime Picture Books for Preschool kids Book 5)


Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

What’s included in these Halloween Math Worksheets?

You’ll get more than just one math worksheet for the kids! This simple math worksheet bundle is a fun way to show the kids how simple and easy math can be. When you break it down into sections, this helps to build their confidence about math learning fun.

Most of these are great learning resources for early learners to build math confidence and skills.

You’ll get :

  • Counting pages
  • Addition pages
  • Subtraction pages
  • Skip counting pages
  • Counting and skip counting puzzles

Just like that, easy as one, two, three. Don’t forget to read of these classic Halloween favorites to your children this Halloween season as well! They are spooky, but so much fun and are the perfect books to cuddle up and snuggle together.

Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Halloween is such a fun time of the year. It’s a great way to teach math skills while also having fun conversations about Halloween time, too.

The kids can not only learn about math but they can use these worksheets to talk about all their fun Halloween plans as well.

Maybe you can talk about their plans for trick or treating or what they’re hoping and wanting to dress up for as Halloween. The great thing about getting geared up and ready for Halloween is that there are so many fun details to think and talk about!

Download your Halloween Kindergarten Math Worksheets below

Your kindergartener will have fun this Halloween with these fun math worksheets so download your copy now!

You may want to check out these cool Fall Math Activities for Kindergarten as well!

More Halloween Activities to Check Out!

Since you’ve got the ball rolling on Halloween activities, don’t stop there. There are so many other ways that you can combine this spooky holiday and more Halloween fun! Use the worksheets listed below as a great way to motivate the kids to get geared up for learning and to also get excited about Halloween as well!

Halloween Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Halloween Word Search Printable

Halloween Handwriting Worksheets

Halloween Addition Worksheets

Halloween Math Worksheets

Getting ready for Halloween? These Halloween Kindergarten Activities will be fun!

Halloween Printables Pack – K to Grade 2 – These printables are great for early learners to cover some new learning topics. They’re great for grades K-2nd grade and will help them gain learning confidence with each sheet. They’ll also love having their own printable pack to work on as well.

Halloween Lacing Cards – Lacing cards are the perfect way to have your little ones work on fine motor skills as well as create something new. Since these are all about Halloween, now is the perfect time to make them happen! I like to laminate my lacing cards and take them with us in the car. This way they’ll always have something to work on and do and it keeps them focused when we’re traveling and driving down the road.

Halloween Preschool Printables

Is your preschooler ready to practice some skills? Get them excited about learning with these Halloween Preschool Printables! They can trace, cut, pattern and count to their heart’s content.

Monster Preschool Math Worksheets

Use this math worksheets for your kids who love math and monsters. They’re too cute to be scary.

Halloween Tracing Worksheets

Do you want your preschooler or kindergartener to practice their tracing skills? Get these Halloween tracing worksheets and start their fine motor practice.


  1. The Halloween puzzles are super cute. I can’t wait to share them with my son. He has just started getting the hang of putting together simple puzzles so this will great to test his new found skills.

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