Fall Worksheets for First Grade

Fall is here, and it’s time for the leaves to turn into beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow. I understand the importance of providing engaging and educational activities for kids. That’s why I’m excited to share my free printable Fall Worksheets for First Grade with you all.

Do you want to see more fall ideas like these? Have a look at my collection of fun fall printables for kids!

The free printable worksheets that I’m sharing offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the autumn season with your little ones, while also reinforcing essential skills such as counting, subtraction, alphabetization, and grammar. Keep reading to get your copy!

Fall Worksheets for First Grade

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Facts about fall for kids

Fall, also known as autumn, is a season filled with interesting and fun facts for kids to learn. Here are some fascinating facts about fall:

  • Less Sunlight: During fall, there is less sunlight, which makes the days feel shorter. It’s a great time to observe the changing daylight hours.
  • Changing Leaves: One of the most iconic features of fall is the changing colors of leaves. The green pigments in leaves fade, revealing vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows.
  • Migration of Monarch Butterflies: Monarch butterflies from the U.S. migrate during the fall season. They travel to warmer climates, such as Mexico, to escape the colder weather.
  • Harvest Season: Fall is often associated with harvest time. It’s the season when farmers gather crops like pumpkins, apples, corn, and grapes.
  • Seasonal Change: Autumn is the transitional season between summer and winter. It brings cooler temperatures and prepares nature for the cold winter months.
  • Autumn Equinox: Fall begins on the autumnal equinox, which usually occurs around September 22nd or 23rd. On this day, the length of day and night is nearly equal.
  • Fun Fall Activities: Fall offers plenty of fun activities for kids, such as apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes, and bonfires.
  • Pumpkin Varieties: Pumpkins are grown all over the world, except for Antarctica. There are various types of pumpkins, and they are used for carving, cooking, and decoration.
  • Fall Colors: Aside from leaves, fall brings vibrant colors to other aspects of nature. Orchards become ripe with red apples, and sunflowers bloom with bright yellow petals.

Who won’t want to learn all about fall as summer winds down?

Fall Worksheets for First Grade

Recommended Fall Books for Kids

As we dive into the cozy vibes of fall, let’s make reading an exciting adventure for your kids! Encouraging them to read more not only sparks their imagination but also helps them uncover fascinating facts about the fall season.

To make your child’s reading experience even more enjoyable, why not add some awesome fall books to their reading list? These gems will take them on a journey filled with pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and the wonders of fall animals.

So grab a cup of warm cocoa, snuggle up with your child, and let these captivating stories transport you both to the magical world of autumn.

I Am Thankful: A Thanksgiving Book for KidsI Am Thankful: A Thanksgiving Book for KidsThe Crayons Trick or TreatThe Crayons Trick or TreatToo Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsTree Full of Wonder: An educational, rhyming book about magic of trees for childrenTree Full of Wonder: An educational, rhyming book about magic of trees for childrenHarvest Days: Giving Thanks Around the World (World of Celebrations)Harvest Days: Giving Thanks Around the World (World of Celebrations)Awesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun (Season Facts and Fun)Awesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun (Season Facts and Fun)


Fall Worksheets Supplies

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Fall Worksheets for First Grade

Recommended Fall Activity Kits

Fall Color by Number Addition Worksheets

Want to have your kids practice their addition this fall? Try these fun fall color by number addition worksheets to make learning math fun. Color in these fun fall shapes so that your kids forget they’re learning math at the same time.

Fall Cursive Letter Find Worksheets

You’ll fall in love with these Fall Cursive Letter Find Worksheets. The colorful backgrounds and cute fall-themed decorations make these letter find worksheets a seasonal treat for your child. They are a great addition to any fall-themed unit or center too.

Fall Worksheets for First Grade

What’s included in these Fall Worksheets for First Grade?

Find the Acorn Maze

This worksheet is perfect for developing counting skills in kids. It involves helping a squirrel find the acorn by following the correct way and counting from 1-20. The maze component adds an element of fun, making this activity an exciting challenge for kids.

Fall Subtraction

Subtraction is an essential skill that kids must master, and this worksheet offers an excellent opportunity to practice it. Kids can solve the subtraction problems by crossing out some pictures that will make math engaging and enjoyable for kids.

Alphabet Order

Alphabetization is a fundamental skill that kids must develop. The “Alphabet Order” page assists in sorting words in alphabetical order and provides an opportunity for kids to practice their writing skills.

Nouns in the Fall

Grammar is also a crucial skill that homeschooling parents ought to instill in their kids. This worksheet engages kids by having them identify and categorize nouns based on their type (person, place, things). The color guide adds a fun component, making the task enjoyable and memorable.


This worksheet helps kids develop language and writing skills by having them describe the pictures using two adjectives. Identifying and using adjectives is a crucial skill that will benefit kids in their academic journey.

As you can see, these fall worksheets for first grade offer an excellent opportunity to integrate learning with seasonal fun. By engaging in these activities, kids get to develop essential skills and invaluable knowledge about nature and the seasons.

Fall Worksheets for First Grade

I encourage homeschooling moms to download these free printable worksheets and enjoy the fall season with their kids. With these resources, kids can continue learning and growing, even during the seasonal transition.

Download the Fall Worksheets for First Grade below

Print out these fall pages to get your child ready to learn this fall.

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