Edible Kids Christmas Crafts

We are so excited to share with you how we made these incredible and easy edible kids Christmas crafts. Ah, this is an awesome Winter scene with decorated trees and snowmen using only edible materials.

We have a lot of fun with homemade Christmas crafts, but you know what is even better than kids Christmas crafts projects? Easy and edible kids Christmas crafts!

You can also say they are awesome Art lessons for Preschoolers because activities like these will boost their imaginations! Come take a look at the one we made this time.

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Edible Kids Christmas Crafts

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Edible Kids Christmas Crafts

First, we got in the mood for making crafts, but, because it’s the holidays and the most wonderful time of the year, we decided to make an edible Christmas craft! I know, I know… there’s sugar in these! Believe me, I am not one to encourage sugar consumption regularly or hand my kids sugary treats all the time.

This was a special occasion and it was worth it! I chose to sacrifice our “no sugar” policy to have a special time this holiday season with my kids. Once a year won’t hurt them. Trust me. 🙂

Edible Kids Christmas Crafts

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Homemade Christmas Supplies

Edible Kids Christmas Crafts

The craft is made with the water and the materials. Your setup is easy. Simply put the sprinkles, etc in bowls. The child will take a marshmallow and with their finger, put a little bit of water on one surface. The next step is to decorate. The child can choose to put the wet marshmallow surface facing down into a decoration bowl so the water on it can make the sprinkles stick to the marshmallow.

Or, if your child is meticulous, they can add each and every element on by hand. The first method is the easiest and the quickest, but both are fun. Next, lay the finished (decorated) marshmallows on a plate to dry and to let the decorations still well.

Once the marshmallows are dry (5 minutes or so), put some whipped cream on a plate and let the child create their own Winter wonderland on it. The marshmallow Christmas trees and snowmen will stand upright on the whipped cream, which is supposed to resemble snow.

Admire the finished work, take pictures and then eat it up! This is the best part! 🙂 Enjoy and happy holidays!

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