Easy Sunday Cake Tradition

We love traditions!  They remind us of our childhood and make us feel all warm and fuzzy.  I wanted to share with you an easy tradition I feel needs to make it’s way back into our busy lives.   It’s simple, I promise!  Make great memories with this easy Sunday cake tradition and bring your family together with yummy food Back when my grandmother was a young mother, she would bake on Saturdays so she’d be ready for the upcoming week.  My grandmother would always bake a cake for Sunday.  This was a tradition I decided to start with my family because I always remembered my mother talking about it.   I thought it sounded like the perfect way to bring the family (and friends) together on a Sunday. sunday cake 1 Super simple, super yummy!  To make this happen without adding more to my plate, I use cake mixes.  To make this taste even better, I make my own icing.  I wait just before I serve it to make the icing.  Icing is quick to make and can be the game changer in any cake you make. A simple powder sugar and milk glaze can add just the right sweetness to a chocolate bunt cake. icing Or mix up a vanilla frosting by combining butter, powdered sugar, a little milk, and just a touch of vanilla.  For a chocolate icing, add a little cocoa powder for a rich flavor.  Keep adding powdered sugar until you get it to the right spreading consistency.  My kids beg to ice the cake every weekend! Make up a pot of tea or a pitcher of lemonade.  Don’t worry about the laundry or the million other things that can wait.  Use some fun plates, tea cups, and cloth napkins.  Then find a place (we prefer our front porch) to sit and visit with your friends and family while you enjoy the fruit of your labors.  Repeat this every Sunday for maximum effect.  This will be something your whole family looks forward to throughout the week. lemonade So fun!   Tell us, what are your sweet family traditions?  Do you love cake as much as we do? 5 Tips for the Angry Mom

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