Do You Hate Teaching Math in Your Homeschool?

You’re pulling your hair out because you have no idea what your doing with this math curriculum. You vaguely remember how to solve this program but can you explain it to your 6 year old? You’re no math genius, you cringe at the idea of teaching fractions, and you’re hoping you can just get through this so you can move onto a subject you actually like. You’re in tears because your math curriculum makes math sound way more complicated than it should be, worse yet, your child is in tears because they’re doing math wrong or plain old frustrated with it. You’re terrified that you’ve ruined your child’s love of math and possibly scarred them for life. Do you hate teaching math in your homeschool? Get these math tips to make learning math at home easier for your family and less stress for you.  

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Outsource math to another person

If you find that teaching math is a struggle, see if your husband can take over math duties, or a grandparent other family member. See if you can trade math duties with another mom who struggles with another subject that you can teach her kids. Think of it as a mini homeschool co-op, get creative.

Find a tutor

Find a university student or teen that loves math and who enjoys working with kids. There are numerous tutoring centers in our area where you can go if you’re struggling with a subject.

Find an online math curriculum

Enter CTCMath, they’re an online math curriculum from Kindergarten to high school levels, how awesome is that. What if someone else could do the teaching, someone else could grade the work? Wouldn’t that be a huge burden off of your shoulders? CTC Math  has a 12 Month Family Plan for their US Curriculum that I was able to review. I’m always on the lookout for the best math resources because we’ve had some math struggles here with my oldest.
I have always struggled with online math curriculum because either they are too easy, too repetitive or have horrible instruction for my kids. This homeschool math curriculum is the best that I’ve found so far for what our family needs. While we love our regular math curriculum, sometimes my kids struggle with certain concepts or they need a new way to look at things. That’s when I turn to CTCMath and they can work at the level they need to. The subscription gives you access to all the grade levels which is a huge bonus because while my son excels at measurements, he’s struggling with multiplication and I can meet him at level for each skill. Each grade level is broken down into subtopics and there are video lessons for each topic. I’ve really enjoyed how the lessons are taught, they are not too long or too brief and you can easily go back a rewatch any of the lessons. You can also skip ahead to the questions portion if you find that your child already has a good understanding of the concept. Each of the lessons are followed by a short quiz composed of ten questions. You can set their pass mark so that they can move on. If’ it’s a topic where my son needs more practice he’ll take the quiz again to achieve a higher score. This program is definitely independent and can be easily used  by the student themeselves. My forth grader is using this to cement his multiplication skills, a skill that has been difficult for him. I use this 3 times a week with him and he enjoys the nice change of pace from his math workbook. For my teen, he’s been cementing some younger concepts since I want to make sure he has a solid base before he moves on and CTCMath is perfect for that since we can pick and choose the topics he needs to focus on. CTC Math I like that the program starts from the very beginning and has a large number of subtopics to get through. I like how once you get an incorrect answer there isn’t a loud sound or music, those make my son a lot more anxious. The videos are short and to the point which show a great visual component to the lecture. The parent’s are emailed a weekly report on the child’s work. It’s sent as an attachment and I”d love for it be available in the email as opposed to downloading it in order to read it. CTC Math2 You can follow CTCMath on Facebook or Instagram. The CTCMath homeschool curriculum is geared towards students in kindergarten to high school calculus. If you have one student, the cost is $11.97/month or $78.80/12 months. If you have more than one child, you can use the family plan that is $15.97/month or $118.80/12 months. Big savings for those who sign up now!    


  1. Thank you for your review. We’ve been using this since January 2015 and my kids and I love it. I use it to help teach concepts if they are not sure or if I’m to long winded and their eyes start to gloss over :). This year I will be using it for their quiz as well.

    1. We’re really enjoying CTC math as well.

  2. Hello, could you tell me whether the program talks to the kids or whether they have to read it? My kids, just beginning first grade and 3rd grade are behind in their reading. We have been using Teaching Textbooks for my 3rd grader all of last year. I like it and he likes it. And it works for him because in the lesson it speaks to him while typing out what it’s saying. Similarly, it speaks the math question or the words problem he is supposed to solve. I see this as a huge benefit because we can get through math by separating it from the reading struggle. The only difficulty I see is that there are about 27 questions with each lesson, which has proven to be too much for him as we progress through the program. We end up doing half the questions in one sitting (about 45 minutes) and the other half the next day, which takes about 30 minutes. Thanks for your review.

    1. There’s video lesson but the questions have to be read.

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