Chess is the Perfect Game for Kids

That’s right! Chess is a wonderful game. It isn’t only for smart people. It isn’t only a game for people who have nothing to do. It isn’t only for adults. It is one of the best games young children can learn to play because of its many beneficial characteristics. In this post, we will discuss 10 of those benefits! Chess is one of the very best games that young children can learn to play because of its many beneficial characteristics. It helps the brain develop and kids learn to form a strategy and plan their moves. It's a wonderful hobby that can be shared with the whole family.

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Benefits of Chess

  • Chess exercises both sides of the brain and reading skills. These are both wonderful skills for kids to practice while having fun and playing a game!
  • This awesome game improves your memory and concentration. Children will be able to remember things better by remembering things and concentrating hard.
  • Chess helps develop organizational skills by planning (your moves) ahead. Imagine that! Wouldn’t you just love for your kids to be a bit more orderly and better organized? This little game can help!

The Brain

  • It can raise you IQ and it grows your dendrites. No joke! It has been Scientifically proven that playing chess can raise people’s IQ, both kids and adults. Do you know what dendrites are? They send out signals from the brain within the brain. The more dendrites you have, the better and faster thinking will take place. Isn’t that awesome?!
  • Chess augments your creativity and problem-solving skills. Yes! Kids will learn to get creative and come up with strategies for problem-solving during the game and in life, too.
  • This game can help prevent Alzheimer’s and grow the skill of planning for alternate games and endings at the same time.
Chess is one of the best games young children can learn to play because of its many beneficial characteristics. In this post, we will discuss those benefits!

More Chess Benefits

  • Chess develops patience and the art of reading people’s micro-expressions (it’s not just a poker thing). That is right! Kids will learn to wait their turn and also to make one move at a time. Chess isn’t necessarily a fast game, so this is a great way to learn to wait and also to read their opponent.
  • It can be used as a therapy tool (to fine tune fine motor skills, among other things) and it also really helps to treat diseases such as schizophrenia as it helps patients do better.
  • Chess boosts your self-confidence and helps develop friendships. It definitely helps with networking, like golf, since this unique game attracts unique and intriguing individuals.
  • Lastly, Chess improves thinking and reasoning skills. Kids will really benefit from playing Chess because they will learn to think for themselves, come up with their plan of action, execute and reason through the steps. Not only that, but they will also learn flexibility. They will have to adjust their moves and goals as the opponent makes his own moves on the board.
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