Chemistry Books Kids will Love

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Chemistry is one of our favorite subjects. That is after we learned of how fun it can actually be! Do your kids love or read Chemistry? Regardless, this list of Chemistry books will be a Utopia for those who love the subject. It will be, believe it or not, a game-changer for those who don’t like this subject and avoid it like the plague. Take a look and get your kids some of these awesome Chemistry books kids will love! Take a look and get your kids some of these awesome Chemistry books kids will love!

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Chemistry Books Kids will Love

DK Eyewitness Books: Chemistry by Ann Newmark Packed with information, this DK Eyewitness books seem to be like miniature picture-based encyclopedias for kids. They’re full of bright, vivid images on a variety of subjects. Basher Science: Chemistry Getting A Big Reaction by Simon Basher Discover the secrets of chemistry, with this fun book that has vividly animated characters that make memorizing science easier and less painful. From liquids to solids to the elements, enjoy learning about chemistry! Chemistry For Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments That Really Work by Janice VanCleaves Get hands-on with chemistry with these 101 easy experiments with household ingredients. What Are Atoms? by Lisa Trumbauer What ARE atoms? Early elementary students can enjoy this book filled with engaging science facts. Simple language and coordinating images are included. Young Scientist: Learning Basic Chemistry by Baby Professor Explore basic chemistry with this picture book full of broken-down definitions. It’s great for introducing kids to chemistry, and its simple format makes things easier to memorize. Amber’s Atoms: The First Ten Elements Of The Periodic by E. M. Robinson Do you have kids who enjoys dogs? Explore the first ten elements of the periodic table with Amber, a dog. Vivid images are included in this storybook-like format.

 DK Eyewitness Books: Chemistry Janice VanCleave’s Chemistry for Every Kid: 101 Easy Young Scientists: Learning Basic Chemistry (Ages 9 and


More Chemistry Books Kids will Love

The Cartoon Guide To Chemistry by Larry Gonick In comic book style, this cartoon guide to chemistry makes learning chemistry more fun, less painful, and the images make it more vivid. Science Encyclopedia by National Geographic Kids New from National Geographic, this science encyclopedia for kids explores everything from food chemistry to robots! It’s filled with statistics, photographs, and DIY experiments. Illustrated Guide To Home Chemistry Experiments by Robert Bruce Thompson Create a home chemistry lab with different household experiments! It includes step by step instructions for real experiments, not just fun chemical reactions. It includes experiments ranging from forensic tests how-to to analyzing seawater. Quantum Mechanics! by Pfiffikus Discover the how and why behind quantum mechanics in this Q&A book filled with facts for self-based learning. Kids First Chemistry Book by Speedy Publishing LLC With simple text and intro facts on each page, Kids First Chemistry explores chemistry in a broken-down format. The Periodic Table: Elements With Style! by Simon Basher Tackle the periodic table of the elements – in style! Each element is given an animated figure for easier memorization, and each page includes basic information on each element.

 Science Encyclopedia: Atom Smashing, Food Chemistry, Animals, Space, Quantum Mechanics! The How’s and Why’s of Atoms The Periodic Table: Elements with Style!


Whats Chemistry All About? Alex Frith What’s chemistry about? Explore chemistry in an informal way. It has a comic-book type format, with fun facts on the side and quirky hand drawn images. Molecules & Elements: Science For Kids by Baby Professor Present molecules and elements in a less complicated way and more engaging way than textbooks have to offer.tl0e Thank you for reading our Chemistry Books Kids will Love post! You might also like:

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