Best Ways to Make Birthdays Special

I had to hold back tears when I realized that I wouldn’t have a 3 year old any longer, but that this lady was now 4 and turning into one mature little lady. She’s so motherly and enjoys keeping her clothes neatly folded, she changes into 3 different outfits each day if something gets dirty. She’s our princess and we wanted to have a really special birthday for her this year. Our daughter's birthday we special to her because we planned out a great day for her filled with family and experiences, the Best Ways to Make Birthdays Special don't have to involve a large amount of money but can still create wonderful memories. We’re not fans of creating huge piles of gifts for our kids for their birthdays. They’re birthdays are all around Christmas so they get so many gifts from us and their grandparents, aunts and uncles that they’re over run with toys and such from family already. For their birthdays, we want them to have a great experience with our family as a whole so that we can focus on being together. 1. Plan  a Trip or Special Outing This year we decided to head into the city for my daughter’s birthday. For my oldest son, we took a gorgeous walk out in the country which he loved. My other son we’ve visited to the Children’s Museum or visited local attractions. The idea is that you make it their day. All about them, they’re so excited about it. I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday and all she said was that she wanted a birthday cake. I was excited to partner with Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, we were able to visit for a one night stay. We stayed in a room with two double beds and we could see the CN Tower from our room. Once we arrived, we hit the pool, they’re a kids’ pool for the family with a large hot tub. For those who want to swim in peace, they also have a large adult pool for you to enjoy. My oldest son went up there with my hubby to get some much needed exercise. The hotel also has a kids’ room, there’s an attendant there that watches the kids if needed who is extremely pleasant. My kids were able to visit with the two resident bunnies and they were thrilled. There were toys and art supplies to occupy kids. For older teens, there’s an arcade and pool table available. 2. Have a great meal Whether you have a home cooked meal or you head out, enjoy some great food. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a cupcake or making their favorite meal, my daughter’s is macaroni and cheese. On the day of her birthday we woke up and let her open one of her gifts. I bought her a new shirt to wear which says “Happy Birthday to Me.” We were then able to head downstairs to enjoy breakfast at the Market Garden on the Go. My daughter had pancakes and a wonderful pastry afterwards which was a great way to end her breakfast. My boys devoured their pancakes as well. chesea-long 3. Plan Time Together as a Family Birthdays are about family so we’re together the who day as a family. Usually it’s just us immediate family but it’s nice to have other family members visit as well. The two youngest actually were not feeling too well so they had an early bedtime the night before. My oldest hit the town with his father and they visited the ice rink downtown and ate chicken wings, pretty much any involvement of food would have my son pretty satisfied. We checked out of the hotel the next day so we could head up to my mother’s place to have dinner. This totally rocked for me since I didn’t have to cook and the rest of our family wanted to spend the day with  her as well. 4. Stay Away from Electronics  Put those phones away and just enjoy your time together. Although, we do have it out to capture pictures and videos of everyone. It’s nice to just unplug and remember that day when you held your child as a baby, and see what a wonderful little person they are growing into. 5. Have A Great Cake I’m not a great baker so we always buy our cakes, they just never turn out the way they’re suppose to, however, the kids never complain. This year my sister bought a large ice cream cake for my daughter and she was over the moon with joy when she was eating it. chelsea-long-2 So what do you do to make your child’s birthday special? I see so many great birthday party decorations and games, we love those as well but we alternate with the private affairs because sometimes it’s just nice to have a close family gathering and not have to worry about entertaining 20 kids. Disclosure: We received a free room for one night at the Chelsea Hotel, however, all opinions or my own or my family’s.

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