Best Moon Books for Kids

Why not take a trip through space without ever leaving the comfort of your own home? This list of the best moon books for kids is an amazing way to explore the galaxy while learning more about our Solar System.

Plus, these stories are perfect for kids – they’re interactive and engaging so that everyone can participate in this out-of-this-world adventure.

If your kids love these books, make sure to take a look at this list of fun space activities for kids!

Get lost in journeys across the solar system and dive deeper into its fascinating history and legends. An imaginative journey through these stories can help spark creativity in young minds.

Best Moon Books for Kids

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What makes our moon special from other moons?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and noticed a big and bright moon?

Out of all the moons in the solar system, Earth’s moon is pretty special! It’s unique because it is the only natural satellite that orbits our planet, which means that we can easily see it from where we live.

That makes Earth’s moon especially fun for kids – they get to watch when Earth’s shadow moves across its surface during a lunar eclipse, or they can even imagine cool stories while looking up at its craters and shapes in the night sky.

With all these qualities, no wonder why Earth’s moon has become so fascinating to us!

Best Moon Books for Kids

Recommended Space Toys

If your kid is a space enthusiast, these toys are perfect! From rockets to planets, these toys will definitely have a wow factor for your kids.

Daron NASA Space Adventure Series: Space ShuttleDaron NASA Space Adventure Series: Space ShuttleMelissa & Doug Solar System Floor PuzzleMelissa & Doug Solar System Floor PuzzleLEGO City Space Mars Research ShuttleLEGO City Space Mars Research ShuttleLearning Resources Shining Stars ProjectorLearning Resources Shining Stars Projector4M 3427 Solar System Planetarium4M 3427 Solar System PlanetariumRocket Ship Play Tent PlayhouseRocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse


Recommended Space Activity Kits

Learning about space is truly overwhelming and sometimes we need a little help teaching them to kids. With these activity kits, your lessons will definitely be ten times more fun and exciting!

Little Learners Print and Go Activity Kit: Space

Science is exciting with the space-themed activities pack. Learn all about space with your preschooler, kindergartener, or first grader. With fun facts, space-themed tracing, and easy-to-use lapbook pieces, your child will fly to the moon on a fantastic learning journey.

Build and Learn Solar Robot

Have your kids learn the basics of engineering space robots with this activity kit! Although it may look complex, the building process is simple and with clear instructions wherein your kid can create it on their own.

Best Moon Books for Kids

If you want to add some excitement to your homeschool lessons, teach your kids about the moon! The moon looks so simple but there's a lot to learn about it!

Hopefully, this list of moon books for kids has opened up a new world of possibilities for you and your child to explore.

While learning about the Moon can be extremely fun and rewarding, it can also be a serious topic, especially when discussing its relevance to our lives. The authors of these books have found ways to communicate complicated topics in an accessible way that’s sure to engage even your most reluctant reader. Whether you’re after science facts or fiction, humor or drama, there’s something for every interest in this selection.

Collect as many of these great titles as you can to give your kids loads of lunar learning opportunities. With any luck, their journeys will inspire them to forge their own paths through the stars.

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