Back to School Care Package for Teachers

I know it only seems like summer started but we have to start thinking about heading back to school. And with that, we all know that teachers are amazing and when they have a large classroom of students to handle, you may need a teacher’s care kit, this would make a great gift or if you’re a teacher, this is something you can assemble to keep your sanity through the school year. I know all of the work and heart that goes into teaching in a classroom from our homeschool co-op. It’s rewarding and fun but it can also be tiring. Why not equip yourself or gift a teacher friend this Back to School Care Kit so that they can be prepared to attack the new school year. Get organized for the new school year and create a Back to School Care Package for Teachers you know or if you're a teacher yourself consider creating your own

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What to include in your Back to School Care Kit?

A Planner Creating lessons is a huge tasks and anyone who doesn’t have their plans together can feel unprepared, why not grab a nice and sturdy physical planner to ensure that the teacher in your life is well prepared to teach their class. EdTech Software  This programs help teachers add an interactive element to their classrooms, you select eBooks  for your class to read and you can add video clips, images and notes to various sections of the text to demonstrate a particular principle and ensure your students get it. There are a wide variety of eBooks available in a huge library. This is a wonderful way to bring textbooks alive for students who need more visual ideas and explanations. Washi Tape A must have to liven up your teacher’s planner and color coordinate all of your tasks to get more done and keep you on schedule. I like to decorate my planner and it’s just fun to look at. Post its Which teacher can’t use more post its? I use it all the time for short notes, you can add them to student’s assignments, add them to your planner to make amendments, I use them as page dividers in my binders. I like to attach them to my white board calendar if I need more space to write on. My kids just like to write in them to leave me notes around the house. Bandaids You never know who’s going to get hurt and band-aids are the magic sauce for all students, it hides their cuts and takes their mind off the pain. I know my kids always need a band-aid for the smallest things but once they get it, they feel much better. Hand sanitizer Let’s face it, you’re in a classroom full of kids, it’s a germfest, let’s try to stay healthy for those times you can’t get away to  the washroom to wash your hands, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer at your disposal. Tissues Just to reiterate, kids = mess, it can be water, paint or bodily fluids, you just never know what’s going to happen, just be prepared to get cleaned up right away or have them ready for your students to use. Thermos You need a thermos for your choice of caffeine, I like my tea hot but if you’re a coffee drinker, you’d appreciate it just the same. I hate having it in a mug and then needing to reheat it again so a thermos would be a gift I could truly appreciate. Chocolate – nut free Because it’s likely that you’ll be in a nut-free environment, have some chocolate ready for that time of the day when you need a nice pick me up. When the day seems like it will never end and when you thought 20 minutes flew by but it was actually only two. Chocolate saves me on those days when I need a teeny bit more patience, I can slow down and enjoy a piece to remind myself to relax and keep going on. Disclosure: I was compensated by EdTech in exchange for this sponsored blog post. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

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