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Are you struggling with disappointing experiments? has created a curriculum that is filled with wonderful science curriculum – Amazing Science, Volume 1 that I was able to review for you today.

I love science and I’m always on the look out for great science experiments. This review was very timely for us because this year we’ve just been focusing on experiments as our curriculum.

There are 23 experiments on the 2 DVD set. The instructor, Jason Gibson is very knowledgeable and explains the concepts to the students very well.

Each video begins with a materials list, where they show you exactly what you will need for the experiment. I always paused here to let my son grab all of the necessary items.

The very first experiment starts with color changing milk, it doesn’t sound exciting but the kids loved it. Both of my boys wanted to do it again, it was really neat to watch.

What I like about watching a video for your experiments is that if you experiment didn’t work out, at least you can see what the expected results were. This is great if there is something that you really want to do but can’t get the necessary materials that are needed.

After you complete the experiment, Jason explains why we saw what we did and goes into the theory part behind each experiment. I liked how he simplified the principles but he didn’t dumb it down.

My 7th grader had fun with it although it is suppose to be geared towards the lower elementary grades.

After we completed an experiment, and I had M1 explain to me orally what happened in the experiment, I also had him draw pictures and write a summary of what happened. We always go over it orally first, so that it makes the writing portion go more smoothly for M1.

I also like that they we are able to discuss what is going on together, then if my younger son wants to join in then he can, then M1 writes it out. I usually get M2 to draw a picture of what happened as well.

The kids also completed the floating egg experiment where you use two raw eggs but one of them sits in a solution of salt water. It’s cool to see their eyes light up and they watched the egg float while the other sank.

They even tried to push it down to make it the same, but it kept floating on. My toddler also enjoyed feeling the eggs while they were in the water and pushing the floating egg down.

I enjoyed watching experiments that we weren’t able to get supplies so that the kids could see how they turned out. But for the most part, you can find everything th

Amazing science review

at is in your household. Some thing required a trip to the hardware store or my hubby had in his garage.

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Don’t forget to read more reviews from other homeschooling mothers.Amazing Science Volume 1 is geared towards students in grade 1-3, it can be used well beyond that point as well depending on the student. It is available for download for $14.99 or 2 DVD set for $17.95.

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