5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

When you’re trying to teach your child the alphabet and then reading, things can get boring if all your doing is drilling those skills into your child. The backlash is that your child may begin to hate reading and we definitely don’t want that. I love reading myself and it’s a wonderful skill and passtime as they grow older. What you can you do to make learning fun? Who says reading has to be a chore - 5 Ways to Make Reading Fun 1. Choose great books It doesn’t mean that you have to read those books about TV shows all the time but it means finding their interests and then seeking out great books about those topics. I love the classic books because they’re so well written and I love cuddling on the couch and reading aloud to my kids. There’s also a good chance that those books were turned into a movie. Our rule here is that any movie that is based on a book cannot be watched until that book is read. This makes for some wonderful discussions when comparing the book to the movie. 2. Book activities Want to get creative? Get out those arts and craft supplies and extend that book with activities based on them. Take a look at our Bookspiration posts from my favorite bloggers, we post monthly activities or printables that can go along with our favorite books. See my Mo Willems Pigeon Felt Craft 3. Games If you want to make it even more fun, you can find online games like Reading Eggs to help teach your child to read. My daughter is going through their lessons and it’s been such a wonderful way for her to learn on her own. She loves doing school like the big boys. If you have a 3-13 year old, your child may be interested in this. The great part about their program is that your child can take the placement test and skip all that baby stuff that they already know if you’re new to the program. You can see my daughter working through a lesson below, she likes to ask me if her answers are correct before she actually clicks on them, she’s thorough. I’ve enjoyed the variety of games that they go through to learn about one concept. It makes learning fun and not monotonous like other programs. My daughter asks to use it daily.

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As a bonus, they even have a math program which rocks and teaches them their numbers and how to spell them as well.  Visit Reading Eggs to get your 4 week trial. 4. Do it before bedtime Anything is more fun than going to bed. All the fun has to stop once we reach bed so if you read before it, it’ll become a routine and they’ll be begging you to read to them so they don’t have to go to sleep. It’s win-win for both of you. You get to read with them and they think they’re staying up later. When in fact we just get upstairs earlier. 5. Read outside Take your books outside, who says you have to be on the couch. We take them in the car so they can read on long car drives. We’re careful to ensure that they are returned though, especially those library books. Reading is one of the most important skills to teach your child, why not make it fun so they are begging for more time to read. Books can be gifts, turn off the TV and computer and get them into books.


  1. All your points are very cool and useful. Because sometimes learning to read our children – is simply boring and children are discouraged 🙁

    1. Yes, it can become a challenge so it’s nice to keep things fun to keep them motivated.

  2. Great suggestions! I think the key is to make it a routine, but also make it fun. If you get expressive when you read, it really helps bring the books to life. I used to just read, then I started getting into it. Its a little goofy at first, but your kids will start laughing and soon they will be requesting certain stories at night. It was a little hard at first, but now reading at night before bed is one of our favorite times of the day. Thanks for the other tips!

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