5 Reasons To Homeschool Through Summer

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Looking for reasons to homeschool through summer? Find out some great tips to keep in mind as you’re transitioning into that mindset! 

Many homeschool families choose to school year-round or on a schedule that looks different than a traditional school year. If you have never considered venturing away from the traditional school-year schedule, then check out these reasons to homeschool through summer and see if you could benefit from a change of pace. 

It’s always good to consider different options for your family and find out what works best for you. There are many positives to consider when it comes to schooling during the summer months. 

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homeschool through summer

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5 Reasons To Homeschool Through Summer

Deciding to homeschool year round can be a big decision to make. Some families find that it’s an excellent way to keep everyone on track while others feel as though they are needing and looking forward to that break. 

Below are a few ideas that can help you decide what is right for you and your homeschooling needs. 

Avoid The Disruption of Routine – Since we homeschool and choose to do so in a customized year-round way, we can keep a steady routine throughout most of the year, which helps all of us (mom & kids) feel secure and better prepared for each day. This article (though slightly tongue-in-cheek) from Parents.com, is a good example of how a traditional school year schedule can be cause some anxiety. I like to avoid anxiety if I can help it!

Shorter School Days – Since we homeschool through summer, we can have shorter school days and less schoolwork each day all year long. We have 12-months to get it done, after all! Why not cut down on the daily seatwork and give the kids more time to explore and enjoy real life? This provides more time for volunteering and community projects, too!

Accommodate Growing/Changing Bodies – You know what your child needs to stay healthy. Does your growing child need more sleep? No problem, let them sleep in. Have an active child with lots of energy? Allow them to spend time getting their energy out in the morning so that they are better focused for seatwork later. Feel free to adjust and customize your days to fit your child’s needs because you have the whole year to complete this year’s schooling! 

Take Advantage of the Season – If you want to focus on science through the summer (or another outdoor-friendly season), then you can! You can save hands-on activities & experiments for the summer months when it is easier to spend time outside. The garden can become your classroom. You can create unit studies that revolve around the seasons and allow your child to fully embrace how the world changes around them. Summer weather means that field trips are more enjoyable. Continuing to homeschool through summer creates a great experience for your child since the learning never really stops as you mix school with life.  

Make Learning Fun – This is perhaps the most important reason we homeschool year-round. With a steady routine, less seatwork per day, healthy bodies, and the opportunity to experience nature as it happens, you are making learning fun & meaningful for your child. This will allow your child to become a life-long learner and achiever. Creating a lifestyle of learning will mean that learning is a lifestyle

These are just 5 reasons why year-round homeschooling makes sense for our family. Of course, every family is different and it may not be beneficial for your family to homeschool through summer. That is the beauty of homeschooling, you can choose to do what is best for your family!

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  1. Yes, love it! Year round homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it works beautifully for us.

    1. Yes it definitely works for us here as well.

  2. Love these reasons! I always thought people who school (whether home or public) year-round were crazy! But really, it makes a lot more sense when you put it this way, at least for homeschoolers. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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