Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets

Who doesn’t want to bring more love into their school day? These Valentine’s day tracing worksheets are great for pre-writers who need to get those fine motor skills under control.

My daughter has a wonderful time trying to get her pencil from one side of the page to the other. She also enjoys using scissors so we’re doing a lot of cutting practice. We mostly use strips of construction paper for that.

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Valentine's Day Tracing Worksheets

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Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets

Using these Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets are a great way to help your early learners work on their hand-eye coordination skills as well as their fine motor skills, too. This also means that they’ll be able to build confidence on tracing and cutting skills as well.

And since they’re Valentine’s Day themed, they’ll have so much fun getting excited about the day, too!

These tracing sheets are the perfect way to get your little ones learning how to trace and working on their hand-eye coordination at the same time. You can print them out and just let them have a blast! What a fun way to give them some learning independence while gearing up for fun.

Looking for more? Your kids will love these fun tracing activities, too! They will have a great time while practicing their pencil grasp, hand-and-eye coordination, and concentration with these themed printables.

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Practice addition skills up to 20 with these fun Valentine’s day color by number addition worksheets. A fun way to add math to your school day without boring math worksheets. Instead, figure out what picture will unfold after you color in each space.

Valentine’s day Play Dough Kit

Grab this Valentine’s day play dough kit for your little one’s sensory activity. This kit includes flowers, hearts, and other toys.

Valentine’s day Sensory Kit

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Recommended Valentine’s day books

Discover love and joy through these fun Valentine’s day books. You can never have too many books in your house, so don’t stress! We find a balance between buying books and renting books and it works out great for us. I’ll keep some of our favorite books in the car for the kids to use them and read them for travels and sprinkle new books that we’ve bought or rented throughout the house for the kids to grab easily and read.

Make certain that you sit and read with the kids or have them read to you. There are so many things that are taught from the pages of a book that go hand in hand with their learning and their growth.

The great thing about books is that every page helps them learn. And when a book is written with a great story, the reading is just so simple and easy to do! Below are just a few other of our favorite books that the kids will love to read.

The list could be forever long because there are so many great choices!

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! (If You Give...)Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! (If You Give…)Day It Rained HeartsDay It Rained HeartsThe Night Before Valentine's DayThe Night Before Valentine’s DayLove MonsterLove MonsterLove from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love Is: (Illustrated Story Book about Caring for Others, Book About Love for Parents and Children, Rhyming Picture Book)Love Is: (Illustrated Story Book about Caring for Others, Book About Love for Parents and Children, Rhyming Picture Book)


Valentine's Day Tracing Worksheets

Follow the car or animals over to the other size and see how well your child can follow along the path.

Fine motor skills are important for writing, tying their shoes and so much more. As you can see, the directions of the lines will have the kids working on holding the pens and tracing them to and from. This is great for following directions and being able to move their hands in different ways.

tracing worksheets for preschoolers

Trace along the shapes and discuss what kind of shapes they are at the same time. How many sides are there? What is it called? Where else have you seen this shape?

This is an awesome activity to help them start to notice shapes in the vicinity of their daily lives and also understand that shapes can be found everywhere that they look. The lines lead to fun shapes and pictures and it just presents so many fun learning activities.

Valentine's day tracing worksheets

Practice cutting with these worksheets as well, teach your child how to properly hold a pair of scissors and follow along the path. Cutting practice will look like a ton of fun.

Encourage them to explore other fun ways to use these Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets as well. Have them think outside the box and be creative in the learning process.

Download the Valentine’s Tracing Worksheets below

This activity is as simple as downloading and then letting the kids have fun! They’re going to love that they have their very own worksheets that they can trace using markers, pens, crayons, or pencils. The more that they trace, the more that they’re going to want to do.

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  1. This are great pre-writing worksheets. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Pre-writing worksheets can be hard to find – especially ones so cute.
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  3. These look lovely, and great for improving some of those skills. Thanks so much for taking part in the Love Blog Hop.

    1. Thank you! Always a pleasure.

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