Valentine’s Day Connect the Dots Printables

You don’t need to wait for a particular day to celebrate love, however, these Valentine’s day printables are great for kids any day of the year. Sure I love chocolate just as much as the next lady but who needs to wait when love is all around us.

Tired of practicing your counting or boring worksheets, get counting and even skip counting with these cute animal Valentine’s day connect the dots printables. The 5 pages of practice will keep your child busy while they practice some math skills at the same time, hooray!

This is a fun way to get them excited about the Valentine’s Day holiday and have them working on their numbers at the same time!

Make sure to check out these Valentine’s Day Multiplication Puzzles for even more learning fun.

Valentine's Day Connect the Dots Printables

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Valentine’s Day Connect the Dots Printables

My son loves puzzles, he just eats them up, so I know he’ll love these, but they’re some easy ones in there as well for the younger crowd. Who says learning has to be boring?

These worksheets prove just that! You can easily print these out and let the drawing fun begin! This means that they’ll not only get to work on their numbers but then they’ll get to color and create as well.

connect the dots printable

Connect the Dots Printables For Valentine’s Day

We really love to celebrate all the various holidays and fun times in our house. And Valentine’s Day is no exception to that rule! What I really do love about these printables is that once the dots are connected, it then turns into a coloring page as well.

It’s a great way to use your child’s mind to connect the dots by visually seeing the numbers and then let them create with colors as well.

This will encourage them and build their confidence in using learning printables. The more that they can connect and create, the more that they can them color in and have fun.

I think that these would also be great for classroom party fun as well. Having all the kids work on these is a great way to make some classroom holiday decor!

Recommended Valentine’s Day Activity Kits

Valentine’s Day Color by Addition Worksheets

Practice addition skills up to 20 with these fun Valentine’s day color by number addition worksheets. A fun way to add math to your school day without boring math worksheets. Instead, figure out what picture will unfold after you color in each space.

Valentine’s day Play Dough Kit

Grab this Valentine’s day play dough kit for your little one’s sensory activity. This kit includes flowers, hearts, and other toys.

Valentine’s day Sensory Kit

Don’t want to put your own Valentine’s day kit together yourself? Grab this ready to go Valentine’s sensory kit that will delight your kids.

preschool connect the dot printable

Recommended Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

As always, combine reading with your learning! It’s such a great way to work on listening skills and sight words as well. We always try to have one or two themed books for the majority of crafts or activities that we’re working on.

Once we do these learning printables, the kids are always ready for a book or two! We love to load up on books and spend time reading, even more, holiday fun!

There are so many great books about Valentine’s Day to choose from and these are just a few of our favorites. I love that we can snuggle up with a good book no matter what time of the year it is. I like to have a lot of themed books in the house so that the kids can pick one up whenever they want. This makes them that much more excited about the holiday season in a way that keeps them turning those pages and ready, too!

These are just a few of our favorite books and we have so many more that we could list. Get a few and enjoy reading them with the kids!

Day It Rained HeartsDay It Rained HeartsThe Biggest Valentine EverThe Biggest Valentine EverTurkey's Valentine Surprise (Turkey Trouble Book 6)Turkey’s Valentine Surprise (Turkey Trouble Book 6)There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!A Crankenstein ValentineA Crankenstein ValentineLove, EscargotLove, Escargot


connect the dots printable

Don’t miss out on this fun Valentine’s Day fun activity! This printable makes it easy to combine learning and play together into one easy and free printable!

You can easily do this at home or share this with family and friends as well. This is such a fun and simple learning activity that is full of numbers and learning!

I love to introduce this concept to the kids and let them take over. They’ll love being able to be creative and engaged with the entire process. You’ll love seeing their eyes light up when they realize that they actually created a fun picture just by connecting the dots! What a cool holiday activity! This is one that they just might want to do over and over again. And why not let them? Practice makes perfect!

Download the Valentine’s day Connect the Dots Printable below

Don’t forget to download the printable below. This is five glorious pages of fun that the kids are going to like. This is a fun way to get excited about Valentine’s Day with the kids and help them learn at the same time!

I’ve even printed these off and taken them with us when we’ve traveled on trips. The kids really love being able to have fun things to do in the car and I love that they’re not using screens or tablets to pass the time.

More Valentine’s Day Printables

Make certain to check out these other fun Valentine’s Day printables. The more learning activities that you can do with the kids, the better. These printables are a great way to increase their learning and want for more!

Valentine’s Day Addition Cards 

Use these printables as a simple way to get the kids to work on their math skills. This will help them learn addition and then get ready for other subjects like subtraction, division, and more!

Valentine’s Multiplication Cards

Are they ready to learn how to multiply? These cards are themed and will help them do just that!

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Valentines Pack by 3 Dinosaurs

Check this Valentines pack for a fun variety of Valentines activities.

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