Our Favourite Canadian History Books

We studied modern history for the last two years and this year we cycled back to the ancient times. Well, my son hasn’t been too happy with learning about the ancient times because he says they didn’t have very good weapons back then. These are our favorite Canadian history books which my son loves and he still likes to read on his own as well. Our favourite Canadian history books The Kids Book of Canadian…. is a great series of books particularly for my boy who loves pictures. He was in the fifth and sixth grade when we were studying modern history. He was particulary interested in learning about the native Americans. This whole series is very visual, perfect for my visual learner. He’s a huge fan of non-fiction books rather than fiction books for history. These books are perfect for elementary students. We started with The Kids Book of Canadian History and we fell in love. We then realized that it was a whole series and made our way through all of them. I used blank notebooking pages with a space for my child to draw a picture. I have a package of free notebooking templates when you subscribe via email. My son loves reading the encyclopedia books so he’s a very visual person. When we’re reading about a person in history, he always ask to look up the person to see what they look like. The Kids book for Prime Ministers was perfect for that. We also created a timeline where my son would add important events to our timeline. This really helped give them a sense of times because it can be difficult to see that events are happening at the same times sometimes but we’re reading one story at a time. Other books in this series: Please check out the other posts to see other great Canadian books – The Canadian Homeschoooler


  1. Oh, we just grabbed the history of Canada book of this series for our unit study. So far, I’m pretty impressed! I don’t think I realized how many additional books there were in the series though! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Larry Collins says:

    I love all books written by Canadian Professional Wrestlers.

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