Dear Homeschool Mom with Little Ones

Tips for the homeschool mother with little ones underfoot

What to do with the Little Ones? When we first began homeschooling, we had two boys, we now have a 9, 5, a 3 year old and one more on the way in April.  Some days are easy; some days a bit more challenging. As our family has changed and grown its definitely kept me on my toes. We have learned so much from so many and consider ourselves so blessed to be where we are today. But I still remember feeling that “its impossible” so many days. For that reason I felt so very led to share these thoughts … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Homeschooling an Only Child

Great advice for those parents of an only child

If someone had told me 9 years ago when we brought our sweet baby home from the hospital that I would be homeschooling an only child I would not have believed them. I just KNEW that my husband and I would have at the very LEAST 2 children but certainly 4 and I would be homeschooling them all together in sweet days of outdoor play, exploration, singing Kum Bah Yah, and eating homemade everything. But alas that was not to be. Our blessing of children was limited to one. In the early … [Read more...]

12 Halloween Toddler Activities

Fun Halloween toddler activities you have to try

Halloween is fast approaching and I was wondering what I was going to do with my toddler. So I gathered the best Halloween toddler activities since we're always looking for fun and easy activities for my little one. My children love carving pumpkins so naturally I thought we'd paint a jack'o lantern. I drew the outline of a pumpkin in orange marker, and we had orange paint at our disposal. My daughter insisted on drawing her own pumpkin instead so she grabbed another piece of paper to get it … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom Who is Teaching an Only Child

Awesome advice for moms homeschooling an only child

I’m a Mom to one. I have a loving son with an appetite for all of the attention he can possibly get. After all- he’s always gotten it. As a homeschooling family our days are filled with conversation, interaction, learning, and fun - one on one - without the distractions of any siblings. I have friends who have told me how amazing it must be to be able to focus on one child, and it is… it really is. I have been beyond thankful for this opportunity, and I have seen my son grow in ways that are … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, Don’t forget your spouse

what role does the homeschool dad have? Don't forget about him.

If you're a homeschool mom, it's likely that you are the one that is home with your children the majority of the day with your hubby off at work. Are you may be work part-time with and different schedule then others but are primarily responsible for the way your homeschool runs. Of course there are also homeschool dads who are at home as well, but a dear homeschool mom/dad series just didn't sound as catchy, so that's why it's don't forget your SPOUSE. If you are at home with the kids and … [Read more...]

Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party #51

Welcome to the This is the last week that I will hosting the linky party, Tammy is in need of  one more co-host for the month of November and December.  The week of Christmas we will take off, and I will give you the week of the 29th a week early.   Your responsibilities would be to post the post we give you and add a feature every week at 7 am CST and to pin and comment on 35 links every week.  You would be added to our Facebook groups to get the script and so we could answer any questions … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, Every Homeschool is Different

Don't worry about what others are doing in their homeschool

Have you ever learned what other homeschool mothers were working on and thought, I could really be doing more with my own children? Or I wish we could have our children take that awesome fencing course, tech course or private piano lessons. Or I wish we could use the super expensive all in one language arts curriculum that the other family is using  because it's sure to solve all of our problems. Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever been envious of how other families get to … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, Are you taking care of yourself?

Homeschool Mom, don't forget to look after yourself

Homeschool Mom are you running ragged and wondering what you are doing wrong? Have you taken a good look at yourself to ensure that you are doing everything you can to be in tip top shape to be a homeschool mother. As a mother is really does suck when you get sick, you can't just take a day off because there are little people who are depending on you for all of their basic needs. I would love to just lay down and take a nap in the middle of the day, however, if that happened I'd wake up to a … [Read more...]

Middlebury Interactive Languages French Review

We were able to review this great French Course from Middlebury Interactive Languages. It's an intereactive online french course, there are two levels for middle school students. I had my 8th grader go through this program. I was very impressed with the structure of the program, it is well laid out and each lesson a the perfect amount of work to ensure that the child gets what they are learning. The course has 9 lessons. For eight of the lessons there are 10 units in each and 5 units in … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, You’ve Made a Mistake

Dear Homeschool Mom, You've Made a Mistake

Have you jumped into your homeschool journey and thought "Wow, I've made a mistake." Parenting and teaching your child at home can bring stress into your daily lives. You're so excited as you've planned and purchased your homeschool curriculum and created your perfect homeschool schedule. But then things start to fall a part when you begin to actually teach your children. Your children hate the curriculum, they don't want to do their work or somebody is fighting with someone else. It's not … [Read more...]