Build Your Bundle Homeschool Presale Giveaway

Enter now for your chance to win and get a coupon when you enter as well

The 2015 Build Your Bundle Sale is almost here! To celebrate the upcoming sale, they are doing a pre-sale giveaway for 3 bundles of your choice AND offering you a special coupon code. Enter to win 3 bundles of your choice! Enter this giveaway for a chance to win any 3 of 19 individual bundles. We cannot tell you what products are in the bundles just yet, but just know, THEY TOTALLY ROCK!  There are several individual bundles, priced starting at $10. The 2015 Build Your Bundle Sale will consist of the following bundles, plus, of course, the BUILD YOUR OWN OPTIONS!! These bundles are full of products from popular … [Read more...]

Under the Sea Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Have learning math with these Under the Sea Kindergarten Math Worksheets

With summer around the corner these under the sea math worksheets will get you thinking about the beach. Have fun learning math with these under the sea creatures. They're great for preschool or kindergarten students depending on your child. If your child is not a fan of writing have them dictate their answers to you. There are two sheets of number sense, addition, subtraction and counting. There's also lots of space to write for those who haven't mastered their penmanship just yet. Practice math without it having to be a chore, these are bright and colorful which always seems to make math a bit more exciting then their regular textbooks. Download the Under the Sea Kindergarten … [Read more...]

Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight Review

Guide to Daylight_zpswevzieff

The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight  from Real Life Press is the perfect book for the homeschool mom who is struggling with something in her home or homeschool.  There's over 200 pages of goodness to help and encourage the homeschool mom. It was definitely an easy read with large print to get through.  I love reading large fonts because it makes it easy on my poor eyes. The author Heidi St. John starts off telling us a bit about her and her homeschool journey. I always love reading homeschooling moms' bios because we all come from such different walks of life, it's nice to see what kind of perspective the author will take in regards to homeschooling. One … [Read more...]

A+ Interactive Math Review

Great homeschool math curriculum for kids

A+ Interactive Math has a different math program that adapts to your child's level - Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan. When I read about this, I knew that this would be perfect for my oldest child who is all over the place in math. The adaptive placement tests your child in all the math areas and then grades them according to grade level for each topic.  This was an eye opener for me because things that I thought he had trouble with were the things he was stronger in and things I thought he had no issues with is where he was weaker. The program was super easy to set up, I added each child and then placed them in  a grade level. I know my … [Read more...]

Preschool Logic Curriculum Your Kids Will Love

Preschool logic curriculum your little one will love

If you're in need of a preschool logic curriculum then La La Logic  has the Preschool Curriculum for you.  This preschool curriculum is a wonderful program to get your little ones thinking. There are puzzles and games but it's not all. Each week is laid out for your with nice and clear lesson plans that are easy to follow. Each week is pretty much laid out the same way. Monday - brain challenge with assistance = on the computer Tuesday - enrichment activity Wednesday - brain challenge without assistance Thursday - enrichment activity Friday - family fun There are 100 weeks worth of lessons, while it may seem like a lot to do each week, I don't … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom Who is Failing

Encouragement for those days when you thing you are failing as a homeschool mom

Dear Homeschool Mom who is failing, I know that your dishes are piled high, almost as high as your laundry. I know that your kids do not obey you and that you have your homeschool lesson plans all over the place. The thing that use to be your desk is now stacked with unmarked papers, crayons, broken toys, an uneaten snack with sticky handprints all over it. You have no idea what you are making for dinner and hope that you can do something with that left over chicken and vegetables that are about to go bad. You're still in your PJs and your hair isn't combed so you've pulled it back into some form of a ponytail. If a ponytail looked more like a rat's nest. You feel like you have failed … [Read more...]

Under the Sea Counting Cards and Puzzles

Adorable Ocean Counting Cards and Puzzles for your little ones

These under the sea math worksheets are super cute for toddlers and preschoolers to learn how to count. The counting cards can be cut apart or kept as a page, your child can circle the answer or use a clothes pin and clip it onto the card after it's cut out onto cardstock. The counting cards go up to twelve and there are also 4 counting puzzles that your child can put together. This is the perfect time of year to get into studying ocean animals and this is a fun way to bring those studies into your homeschool. Teaching with a theme, always seems to make things more fun for my kids. Download the Ocean Counting Cards and Puzzles (1-12) You may also be interested in my Under the Sea … [Read more...]

Felt Ladybug Craft & Counting Activity

A simple felt craft to use as a great counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers

I made this ladybug felt craft so that my daughter could count out the dots on the ladybug's back as she was playing with it. But I realized that she doesn't always recognize her numbers so I made printables to go along with it. I made 3 sets of printable ladybug counting cards for this activity.Depending on which one you'd prefer, One set as one ladybug with different numbers of dots on its back, the second set has different numbers of ladybugs on each card. And the third set, only has the number on it for those learners who already know their numbers.  Felt Ladybug Craft Supplies Felt Sheets Black - head, dots, antennae Red - body This felt craft was super easy, I made … [Read more...]

Under the Sea Counting Mats

Ocean counting mats can be used by toddlers and prescholers to learn their numbers

These ocean math worksheets are great for little ones to get a sense of their numbers, they can count along as they count the animals or they can place counters on top of the dots, or color them in with markers or bingo dabbers. There's also a place for them to practice writing numbers as well. If you'd like to use them again, place them in sheet protectors and have them write on it with a dry erase marker. The mats can be used with pom poms, blocks, balls of play dough or bingo dabbers. It's also a great way to bring the ocean theme into your counting routine for your little ones.   Download the Ocean Counting Mats here: More Ocean Printables: Under the Sea Lacing … [Read more...]

Felt Flowers Craft

Wonderful felt flowers crafts to occupy your little ones

Since spring has finally arrived here in Canada, we decided to have some fun with flowers. I created this cute felt craft using different sized flower shapes in hopes that they would get sorted by size. Which they were, yeah! This was super easy to put together and I never measure anything but go by eye. I'm all about simple and I'm hardly crafty so I always need to stick to simple. My daughter loves these felt crafts because she gets to use her imagination and lay them out as she see fit. If it's a character that she's familiar with then it becomes more of puzzle. She has to have it looking exactly the same as it's suppose to look. There are times when pieces go missing from her felt … [Read more...]