Lacing Cards for Fall

Lacing cards for fall

A great way to incorporate some fun fall elements to your homeschool are to create your own printable lacing cards and I have a fall themed one which is the first of many to come. If you need help with how to make your own lacing cards don't worry they are super easy to do with some different options. Lacing cards are a great way for your little one to practice their fine motor skills or if you want to teach your older children how to sew. It's wonderful practice. My toddler … [Read more...]

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes Toddler Activity

A fun toddler activity: make your own snowflake stamps with toilet paper rolls

So winter is in full force here so it was timely for us to get started on some winter toddler activities. we made toilet paper roll snowflakes. My daughter had a blast stamping to her hearts content with our diy snowflake stamps. These were super easy to make and they came out really cute, my toddler had a great time with it. She was stamping so hard there was paint splashing everywhere on her.  Toilet paper roll snowflakes supplies toilet paper rolls white … [Read more...]

Chicken Curry with Cashew Milk Recipe

A wonderful spin to a tasty chicken curry recipe

I decided to take a spin on one of my family's favourite meals, chicken curry. It's usually made with coconut milk, however, I came up with a chicken curry with cashew milk recipe that is super yummy. I've tried their almond milk so I was looking forward to this new variety. The new Cashew milk from Silk can be found in Loblaw stores like Superstore. It is only available in Canada at the moment. It has a creamy texture so it would be good in desserts, I added it to my coffee and it added a … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Ruin Your Kids + Giveaway ends 12/1

Screen free time is so important to keeping your child on track

There's no denying it, we live in a tech savvy world. The digital age today was not what I grew up in. In highschool I had a pager, remember those? Someone would page you with their phone number and then you'd have to find a pay phone to call them back. Or even worse they'd leave  voicemail and then I'd have to use the pay phone to check the message before I could call them. My kids don't even know what a payphone is. Not when everyone has a cell phone. Our cell phones were as big as our … [Read more...]

Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Science


I'm so glad to have kids that love science because it's my thing, so if you're looking for the best gifts for kids who love science then look no further. I love shopping for my boys who adore all things sharks and dinosaurs. My oldest has left this phase and is more of a history buff but he still remembers all the things he learned about dinosaurs when he was younger. Snap Circuits are a great way to get your little one building with electronic circuits without having to solder materials … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Lacing Cards for Kids

Super easy way to make your own printable lacing cards for kids

Printable lacing cards are a great way for your child to work on their fine motor skills. Depending on your child you could start using them with your toddlers all the way up to your kindergarten students as well. You can definitely purchase your own but they are really easy to make as well. They may not be as durable but they will do their job. I created these lacing cards by tracing out the silhouette of the shape that I wanted from something I found online and printed out. Then I traced it … [Read more...]

Carnival of Homeschooling

I love hosting the carnival of homeschooling because I get to read these awesome posts and learn about new blogs as well. We are getting into the cold weather here so I'm not looking forward to our super cold winters full of snow just yet. We're spending a lot of time outdoors, cleaning up leaves and enjoying the cool fall weather. However, this morning we woke up to snow which makes me so sad but the kids loved it and couldn't wait go get out there. This time of the year I'm really looking … [Read more...]

Felt Toddler Activities: Olaf Snowman

Easy to make felt toddler activities from their favorite movie froze - Olaf!

If you've been following along I've created some different felt toddler activities for learning fun, and in keeping with the winter theme and my daughter's favorite movie, I made a felt Olaf snowman. Unless you've been living under a rock, if you have kids then you must know who Olaf is. My daughter has entered that fun dress up princess stage that I've been looking forward to after two sons. Before the movie, she'd carry a purse around like mom but now she is a full fledged princess with the … [Read more...]

25 Frugal Christmas Ideas

25 ways to save money on Christmas ideas

I had the privilege of guest posting on Heather's blog Frugal Homeschool Family, my post on Printable Christmas cards will post on November 24th. You can enjoy a new post each day from 25 different bloggers for great ideas on how to have  a frugal Christmas, it doesn't have to cost a bundle to spend time with your family. There are a lot of ways to ensure that your Christmas is not a stressful and one way to do it is by ensuring that your budget isn't blown out of the water. It's so easy to … [Read more...]