Felt Ladybug Craft & Counting Activity

A simple felt craft to use as a great counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers

I made this ladybug felt craft so that my daughter could count out the dots on the ladybug's back as she was playing with it. But I realized that she doesn't always recognize her numbers so I made printables to go along with it. I made 3 sets of printable ladybug counting cards for this activity.Depending on which one you'd prefer, One set as one ladybug with different numbers of dots on its back, the second set has different numbers of ladybugs on each card. And the third set, only has the number on it for those learners who already know their numbers.  Felt Ladybug Craft Supplies Felt Sheets Black - head, dots, antennae Red - body This felt craft was super easy, I made … [Read more...]

Under the Sea Counting Mats

Ocean counting mats can be used by toddlers and prescholers to learn their numbers

These ocean math worksheets are great for little ones to get a sense of their numbers, they can count along as they count the animals or they can place counters on top of the dots, or color them in with markers or bingo dabbers. There's also a place for them to practice writing numbers as well. If you'd like to use them again, place them in sheet protectors and have them write on it with a dry erase marker. The mats can be used with pom poms, blocks, balls of play dough or bingo dabbers. It's also a great way to bring the ocean theme into your counting routine for your little ones.   Download the Ocean Counting Mats here: More Ocean Printables: Under the Sea Lacing … [Read more...]

Felt Flowers Craft

Wonderful felt flowers crafts to occupy your little ones

Since spring has finally arrived here in Canada, we decided to have some fun with flowers. I created this cute felt craft using different sized flower shapes in hopes that they would get sorted by size. Which they were, yeah! This was super easy to put together and I never measure anything but go by eye. I'm all about simple and I'm hardly crafty so I always need to stick to simple. My daughter loves these felt crafts because she gets to use her imagination and lay them out as she see fit. If it's a character that she's familiar with then it becomes more of puzzle. She has to have it looking exactly the same as it's suppose to look. There are times when pieces go missing from her felt … [Read more...]

Characteristics of a Visual Learner


How do you know if your child is a visual learner? Visual learners have specific characteristics that you will find to help determine your child's learning style. Why does this matter? If you're trying to teach your visual learner by telling him orally, you may wonder why he doesn't get it after you've told him over and over again. It's not helping because he needs to see it visually. Telling him isn't teaching to his best learning abilities and this may hinder his progress. Characteristics of Visual Learners Excellent sense of direction My son always had a great sense of direction since he was a preschooler and was able to speak. He'd ask why we weren't going home in the car if we made a … [Read more...]

Orphs of the Woodlands Online Curriculum Review

4 Orphs Banner_zpswcv7smkh

Star Toaster has created a wonderful online curriculum called Orphs of the Woodlands. The name says it all, it's an adventure tale that aims to teach children while keeping things fun using an adventure tale. My 13 year old was excited to be the one to test out this curriculum. He loves adventure tales and thrives on any kind of learning done on the computer rather than doing any writing. The goal of the game is to rescue as many Orphs you can while providing land and orphanages for them that is purchased with gold stars that are earned from jobs. These jobs are  the learning activities that you need to complete. There is quite a bit of reading first before you get to … [Read more...]

Under the Sea Lacing Cards

Fine motor practice with these adorable under the sea lacing cards

These adorable under the sea lacing cards can accompany your ocean themed studies. My son loves his ocean animals but is beyond this stage, but of course anything that her big brother loves, my daughter has to play with as well.  We have a large bin of plastic ocean animals that my son received last Christmas. It had all kinds on different animals on the outside of the box and it even had an orca. However, upon opening the box, my son realized that it was not included in the set, he was very disappointed. The killer whale is his favorite mammal, I've spent countless hours reading non-fiction ocean animal books with him. So to keep that love for the ocean alive for your little … [Read more...]

Wonderful Homeschool Giveaway

Awesome math and other resources

This homeschool giveaway is brought to you by the Homeschool Blogging Connection team. We will have one grand prize winner who will receive a copy of each prize. That's worth a total of $549! We will also have two additional winners for The Reading Game. Isn't that exciting? The giveaway will remain open until April 30th at 11:59 p.m. Prize: CTC Math Curriculum 12 month family membership Value: $297 CTC Math Curriculum provides a complete on-line learning experience and each lesson teaches as much as an entire school math lesson in an average of just 5 minutes! The family membership is appropriate for all ages. 1,367 animated and narrated math lessons A bank of over 57,000 … [Read more...]

How to Homeschool Successfully When Life Happens

Awesome ebook for those who need to overcome obstacles when homeschooling

Homeschooling is a lifestyle and when life happens, there are times where you may need to work harder to make homeschooling work. It can definitely be hard to homeschool when there are learning issues, health issues or life choices that affect the way you may need to homeschool.  The best part about homeschooling is how flexible it is and how you are able to adapt it to fit your family's needs. No two homeschools are alike because we get to decide how to teach our kids. We also get to choose what they learn, how they learn it and if we need to make changes, we can do that as well.  13 wonderful bloggers came together to create the ebook - Homeschool Successfully When Life … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Counting Cards and Puzzles

Fun dinosaur counting cards and puzzles for your toddlers and preschoolers

 The super cute dinosaur math worksheets are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. You can cut the cards up and use a clothespin to clip the correct answers. Or you can place a counter on top of the correct answer like a bingo chip or pom pom which makes them reusable. The count and clip cards have 1 to 12 dinosaurs on them and then there are 4 pages of puzzles. These would work great if they were printed on card stock so they aren't so flimsy. We're a house full of dinosaur lovers so these counting cards are perfect for my little one. She prefers to write on her cards and she often ends up coloring them. She wants to feel as though she's doing math just like her big … [Read more...]