Snowman sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

Take a peek at what we used for our snowman sensory bin which can be such a great toddler activity. This was super easy to put together and and provided a good amount of fun for my daughter. She loved feeling the soft snowman and digging around the rice. It's super fun for her to get messy with the rice. Snowman Sensory Bin Supplies plain rice snowflake ornaments snowflake cookie cutter blue and white pom pom balls measuring cups If I had some I would have added cotton balls. My ... read more

Why I use essential oils and why we love them

Why I Use Essential Oils

Yes, that's right we're into essential oils now, they have been amazing. If you're wondering on how to get started with essential oils, then read on. I spent almost 2 months reading everything I could about essential oils before we jumped in just to make sure I was doing the right thing and investing in something that was worth while. Well, enter Pinterest, and I kept seeing essential oils come up and I thought I really need to see what the hype is about. What am I missing. I read a few ... read more

Have fun building these snowman toddler activities

Snowman Toddler Activities

In Canada here, we're still in the middle of winter and what a great way to have fun with it then with these snowman toddler activities. We've had a light winter here compared to last winter, which was just atrocious. I really enjoying the fact that we don't have to spend hours outside shovelling snow. My son asked for a snow blower, hubby replied that he already had two and they were our boys' names. My daughter doesn't have as much as a tolerance for the cold weather, she's a princess ... read more

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Fun winter counting mat for toddlers and preschoolers

Winter Counting Mats

The winter counting mats are a fun way to learn about numbers for  preschoolers. You can have a great time clipping on clothes pins to the number cards or placing counters on top of the pictures. These free homeschool printables are a great way to have some fun with winter themed items while ... read more

Practice fine motor skills with Valentine's day lacing cards

Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards

These fun Valentine's day lacing cards are a great way to bring in some fine motor practice for your kids. Lacing cards are super easy to put together and you can change them out with the ... read more

Fun Christmas printables for kids - great for preschool or kindergarten students

Christmas Printable Activities for Kids

I created this Christmas printable activities for kids geared towards preschoolers to kindergarten students. If you missed it, I also created some  Christmas counting mats as well. After this ... read more

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