Our Favourite Canadian History Books

We studied modern history for the last two years and this year we cycled back to the ancient times. Well, my son hasn't been too happy with learning about the ancient times because he says they didn't have very good weapons back then. These are our favorite Canadian history books which my son loves and he still likes to read on his own as well. The Kids Book of Canadian.... is a great series of books particularly for my boy who loves pictures. He was in the fifth and sixth grade when ... read more

Best way to use lemon essential oil

25 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

What are the best ways to use lemon essential oil? It is definitely one of my favorites, our family is huge fan of the citrus oils because we love their fresh smell. Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the lemon rind or peel and has a ton of helpful benefits not to mention it is also one of the cheaper oils to purchases as well which is a bonus. I use it daily to clean with as an all purpose cleaner to wipe down my counter tops, table, and appliances. Best way to use lemon essential ... read more

Wonderful Dr Suess Toddler Activities for your little one

Dr. Seuss Toddler Activities

We love Dr. Suess and we love creating fun toddler activities for my little one to enjoy. I love activities based on books because they really extend the book and turn into other learning activities. Books are a great starting point, you can add crafts and snacks to really bring the book alive for your child.  We're spending a lot of time playing with our felt activities but I always love seeing what others come up with, you can get so creative with things it's amazing. My kids love ... read more

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Have fun learning math with these dinosaur math worksheets

Dinosaur Math Worksheets

Have a wonderful time learning about math with these fun dinosaur math worksheets, didn't I tell you I was going to be hitting out these free homeschool printables out of the park. My son is such a worksheet junkie I just can't keep up. While I don't believe in keeping all school work to worksheets ... read more

How to Teach Fractions to Visual lLear

How to Teach Fractions to Visual Learners

If you have a visual learner, then fractions can be an awesome to teach them with manipulatives to make things easier to understand. I think to understand your children will need a good concept of ... read more

Fun winter counting mat for toddlers and preschoolers

Winter Counting Mats

The winter counting mats are a fun way to learn about numbers for  preschoolers. You can have a great time clipping on clothes pins to the number cards or placing counters on top of the pictures. ... read more

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