The Museum Review: Learn about King Tut

Learn all about Egypt by vising The Museum in Kitchener Ontario.

If you're ever in Kitchener, Ontario then you need to check out The Museum, it's a great place to take your kids. They currently have an ancient Egypt exhibit - Unwrapping Egypt which is wonderfully well done. My kids love it. The Unwrapping Egypt exhibit focuses on the tomb of King Tutankhamen which made for some wonderful photo ops. My kids were so busy running around trying to see everything it was hard to keep track of them. Thanks to hubby he found an optimal seat right in the middle of … [Read more...]

Felt Christmas Tree Toddler Activity

Felt Christmas Tree toddler activity

My daughter asked me to create a Christmas tree for her so I created this fun felt Christmas tree toddler activity. She loves our Christmas tree so this was really fun for her. I cut out all of the shapes so that she could decorate her own tree. I also had pom pom balls out so she used those as well to decorate her tree. I also added some Christmas presents to go under the tree. Felt Christmas Tree Supplies: Felt green - tree brown - trunk yellow, red, blue, purple - ornaments, … [Read more...]

Christmas Printable Activities for Kids

Fun Christmas printables for kids - great for preschool or kindergarten students

I created this Christmas printable activities for kids geared towards preschoolers to kindergarten students. If you missed it, I also created some  Christmas counting mats as well. After this week we will be off of school so it's nice to have some fun activities to have the kids to do that are related to Christmas. My daughter loves having her own set of worksheets to do while her older brothers are working on their school work. These are some activities that she likes to try or … [Read more...]

Christmas Counting Printable

Get into the holiday spirit with this fun Christmas counting printable

I thought it would be great to work on our numbers with my toddler so I created this Christmas counting printable for her. She won't be able to skip count but she does enjoy trying to put the puzzles together. This counting printable is aimed at kids from toddlers to kindergarten students. I hate placing ages on my stuff because not all kids are at the same level. I printed these out for my daughter, you could use bingo dabbers to color the dots or since I'm frugal I like to reuse the … [Read more...]

Must-Read Christmas Books for Kids

Enjoy Christmas with your kids while you snuggle up with these must read Christmas books

These are our must-read Christmas books each year. I try my best to make it through the list, I read the Christmas Carol every other year or at least try to find an audiobook version that I can play for the whole family. I feel so guilty because my oldest received the most read aloud time and now I'm split between his siblings, I can't do it as much. I start at the end of November and start borrowing the books from the library so things might now be available as I need them, this way I have a … [Read more...]

Mo Willems’ Pigeon and Duckling Christmas Ornaments

Make your own Pigeon and Duckling Christmas ornaments so they can spend Christmas with you

We are huge fans of the Pigeon books from Mo Willems so I had to make  a set of Christmas ornaments to go along with them. These are kid made ornaments that my son, who is in the first grade, created. He is very proud of them.  I had to hold back my impulse to trim the edges and smooth them out but he did an awesome job. He did everything from start to finish which is pretty cool if you ask him.  They are his own and they are up on the Christmas tree. You can see the felt … [Read more...]

Living Life and Learning Reader Survey + Giveaway

There's a lot of change and new and wonderful things that I'd like to share and I want to ensure that my blog is doing more good then it is so if you would please take the time to complete my reader survey, I would greatly appreciate it. If I get more than 50 responses on my survey then I will run a quick $25 Amazon gift card giveaway as a thank you. I promise that it is super short and your feedback will help me make things more awesome here. The survey will be open until December 15th, 2014 … [Read more...]

Winter Lacing Cards

A great activity to practice fine motor skills: winter lacing cards

My kids are loving the snow around here so it's a great time to break out these winter lacing cards to go along with all the other learning we are doing as well. These are  a cute set and include a snowflake, reindeer, gingerbread man, and more. We're spending on December doing some more hands on activities and reading Christmas books and fun projects as we take a break from our regular curriculum. I love this time of year and there are so many activities that you can do to bring them … [Read more...]

Why Tablets Can be Awesome for Your Homeschool + 3 Tablets to Giveaway

Homeschooling with tablets can be beneficial to your homeschool

 Tablets have become a great tool in our homeschool because they're a lot cheaper then a personal laptop. They have a lot of great features that can be used for learning and not all of it is just fun and games although there are plenty of those as well. Tablets can range from cheap to not so cheap and differ in picture quality and storage. But if you want one for your homeschool, you don't need the ones with all the bells and whistles. It frees up your main computer I work from … [Read more...]

Preschool Sensory Activities: Christmas Bin

christmas preschool sensory activities - christmas bin

Last week I shared J's (my preschooler) peppermint Christmas sensory bin. Today I will be sharing with you another one of our Christmas themed preschool sensory activities. Most preschoolers and toddlers LOVE sensory activities even if they are a bit apprehensive at first. This activity only requires a quick trip to the dollar store or the use of a paper shredder.   The first thing you will need is a large enough container to place all your sensory items in. I t could be a basket or … [Read more...]