Dear Homeschool Mom, Every Homeschool is Different

Don't worry about what others are doing in their homeschool

Have you ever learned what other homeschool mothers were working on and thought, I could really be doing more with my own children? Or I wish we could have our children take that awesome fencing course, tech course or private piano lessons. Or I wish we could use the super expensive all in one language arts curriculum that the other family is using  because it's sure to solve all of our problems. Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever been envious of how other families get to … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, Are you taking care of yourself?

Homeschool Mom, don't forget to look after yourself

Homeschool Mom are you running ragged and wondering what you are doing wrong? Have you taken a good look at yourself to ensure that you are doing everything you can to be in tip top shape to be a homeschool mother. As a mother is really does suck when you get sick, you can't just take a day off because there are little people who are depending on you for all of their basic needs. I would love to just lay down and take a nap in the middle of the day, however, if that happened I'd wake up to a … [Read more...]

Middlebury Interactive Languages French Review

We were able to review this great French Course from Middlebury Interactive Languages. It's an intereactive online french course, there are two levels for middle school students. I had my 8th grader go through this program. I was very impressed with the structure of the program, it is well laid out and each lesson a the perfect amount of work to ensure that the child gets what they are learning. The course has 9 lessons. For eight of the lessons there are 10 units in each and 5 units in … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, You’ve Made a Mistake

Dear Homeschool Mom, You've Made a Mistake

Have you jumped into your homeschool journey and thought "Wow, I've made a mistake." Parenting and teaching your child at home can bring stress into your daily lives. You're so excited as you've planned and purchased your homeschool curriculum and created your perfect homeschool schedule. But then things start to fall a part when you begin to actually teach your children. Your children hate the curriculum, they don't want to do their work or somebody is fighting with someone else. It's not … [Read more...]

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

The Standard Deviants Accelerate Homeschool Courses from Standard Deviants Accelerate are wonderful if you are looking for an online course for your homeschooled child. We were lucky enough to be able to pick and choose which course he could study. My son chose the subject and I wanted him to do a science course so he did the Nutrition class because he's always asking about what ingredients are found in  each food we eat and where it comes from. He's always interested in finding out what the … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom, You Can’t Do It All

Dear Homeschool Mom, You Are Not Enough

Have you ever met a stranger and told them you were a homeschool mother and then they responded by saying wow I could never do it all. Well, I've never looked at what I do as this huge important job because it's just something we've decided to do that was best for our family. We made this decision and we're sticking to it. I take it one day at at time. I never feel as though I have to do it ALL. Why do we feel as though we have to do it all? You are a homeschool mother, your job consists of … [Read more...]

Halloween Printable Pack for K to Grade 2

Fun halloween printables for your K to Grade 2 child

Just in time for the 31st, I created a Halloween printable pack for Kindergarten to grade 2. I say it's for K to grade 2 but I'm sure some of it can be done by preschoolers. I created it for my son who is in the first grade since he's such a worksheet fanatic and loves Halloween. He's also my best critic when it comes to printables so it works for both of us. My first grader loves worksheets, he can blow through a whole lot of them in a very short amount of time. I personally learn best with … [Read more...]

Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party: Week 50

Bloggers Brags weekly pinterest party

Welcome to the Here are this week's  These three posts all received the same amount of clicks last week! Clean Comedians Approved for Young Ears by  That's Mashed Up! You Don't Have to be Pinterest Perfect by Youthful Homemaker Rustic Pumpkins by The Pin Junkie  My Pick of the Week!    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Chalk Painted Mason Jars from Making it in the Mountains Halloween Bark Pumpkin Counting Printable   LET'S GET OUR PARTY … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why I’m the Worst Homeschool Mom

My kids think I'm the worst homeschool mom out there, if they only knew

If you ever had a conversation with my kids you would probably think that I am the worst homeschool mom ever. However, when asked what reasons lie behind their accusations, you'd have to disagree. At least if you were actually trying to teach your kids anything. According to their whining, apparently I'm the worst mom ever. Well if that's what it takes to get them to learn and do it properly then so be it.   1. I make them wake up early We are night owls as a whole house, we go to bed late. … [Read more...]

Dear Homeschool Mom Series

#Homeschool encouragement for homeschooling mothers

Starting on Monday, we will get into a 10 Day series, possibly more, of homeschool encouragement. It will hopefully uplift those that have chosen this path for their family and may be experiencing doubt or other obstacles. I hope you enjoy it. For the next 10 days you will get a bit of homeschooling encouragement, I also have some great guest posts as well. 10 Reasons Why I'm the Worst Homeschool Mom Dear Homeschool Mom, You Can't Do it All Dear Homeschool Mom, You've Made a … [Read more...]