Valentine STEM Challenge Cards

Get ready to bring some love to your science and math games with these printable Valentine STEM Challenge Cards. These little gems are perfect for making learning fun and festive this Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for more printable activities for your child this season of love, check out my list of Valentine’s Day printables for kids.

While the kids are figuring out cool heart-shaped designs, they’re also getting a sweet taste of problem-solving and critical thinking. Pretty awesome, right?

Valentine STEM Challenge Cards

Fun Valentine’s Day Activities You Can Also Try

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This activity is always a hit. How long will it take for the hearts to melt away? Who will guess correctly? This is a fun activity to help with critical thinking skills as well as observation skills, too!

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More slime, please! It never fails that we forget to put a lid on our slime or just realize that with more kids, we need more slime. This is why I have a few slime recipes for the kids! They’re different slimes and so much fun!

Dancing Hearts Experiment

Show the kids some “magic” with this fun experiment using conservation hearts. While most times these get eaten and gobbled up quickly in our house, the kids do love saving a few for this fun activity.

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Bring more excitement to the season with these Valentine’s books for kids. You will love these great stories about hearts, love, and Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine STEM Challenge Cards

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Valentine STEM Challenge Cards Printing Supplies

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Recommended Valentine’s Day Activity Kits

Valentine’s Day Science Activities eBook

Get ready to impress your kids with the ultimate Valentine’s Day Science experience! Introducing the “Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Kids” eBook, packed with hands-on experiments and activities that apply the Scientific Method, allowing children to learn and develop essential scientific skills.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and learning doesn’t have to be a bore. Get this huge pack of printable math and literacy activities from math worksheets to alphabet puzzles.

Valentine’s Day Foam Crafts Set

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get crafty! Grab this craft kit for your child and let their creativity run wild!

Valentine STEM Challenge Cards

What’s included in these printable Valentine STEM Challenge Cards?

With these cards, your kids will get hands-on with activities that sneak in a bit of learning. They’ll be so caught up in the fun, that they won’t even know they’re working those brain muscles!

Some of the Valentine-themed STEM challenges included in this printable:

  • Build a 12-inch tower using heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks.
  • Create a drum that beats your heartbeat using a balloon, a container, and a rubber band.
  • Using static electricity, make a heart-shaped balloon stick to a wall.
  • Freeze water in heart-shaped molds and create ice sculptures.
  • Design a cupid’s bow and arrow using recycled materials.
  • and 35 more activities!

This printable is super easy to use. Just print ’em out, hand ’em over, and watch the magic happen.

So don’t wait – spread the love with learning and make this February 14th a day for both hearts and smarts!

Valentine STEM Challenge Cards

Picture those happy faces as they mix a little Valentine’s Day joy with some seriously cool science and math challenges.

Remember, it’s all about putting a playful spin on learning and making those brain gains without the usual fuss.

Grab those cards and let the good times roll! Here’s to a day that’s bound to be full of love, laughter, and a whole lot of learning.

Download the Valentine STEM Challenge Cards below

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