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Summer Homeschool Schedule

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We’ll be homeschooling in the summer this year. I was not happy with math once we started in the fall after a whole summer off so that is the one subject that will be a must over the summer. We’ll continue with reading and I want to finish IEW all things fun and fascinating. I was not planning on doing any history or science, and was just going to flow with it, however, the boys have been requesting to learn specific topics that I couldn’t fit in during the year. M2 will be doing an ocean unit study while M1 wants to learn about Canadian geography and desert habitats. This is going to be our last week of school and then we’ll be off for two weeks to give me a break while I plan out these units. I also need to work on my thesis so I’m hoping I can really ramp up my productivity during these two weeks.

I’ll post my plans for each unit once I’m done. We’ll just be schooling half days so that there is plenty of time to play. Once summer hits I don’t feel like doing much school either but I have to keep plugging away. I’m not sure if I want to start Life of Fred Decimals or just work on some Math Mammoth worksheets to review what he’s learned. We may just do both.

We’ve been reading Harry Potter and we’re now on The Goblet of Fire , I thought we’d stop here but M1 wants to continue on, he’s really into the series. Once we’re finished a book, we watch the movie together. I thought he would think the ghosts at least were creepy, but since he reads about them in the story and knows what’s going to happen, he’s not bothered by it.

M1’s summer weekly schedule

  • Math 4x
  • writing (IEW ATF&F and cursive) 4x
  • reading 5x
  • geography 3x
  • desert habitat 2x

M2’s summer weekly schedule

  • Math 3x
  • Reading 4x
  • Ocean unit 3x

M2’s schedule is more flexible because there are just some days where he doesn’t want to do anything and I’m not forcing him to do anything he doesn’t want to at this point. I hope to do more projects during the summer since they were forgotten with the new baby in the house. I’m going for light and fun this summer to take the pressure off of everything but to maintain somewhat of a schedule so that it will be easier to start up again in the fall.


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