Simple Living Room Play With Dominoes

I don’t believe that when you’re home with your kids that you always have to find ways to entertain your kids with expensive toys. Kids will have fun where ever they go and sometimes the most fun happens with the simplest toys. My son was reading a Walter Wick book called Can You See What I see? and loved the toys that were displayed in the book and was suddenly hit with a desire to play with dominoes. We found some the next time we went to the store and it’s one of his favorite building past times once his sister is down for her nap. Are you looking for simple play ideas? First we built a closed circuit so it would loop around and come around when we knocked it over. We had to do several takes before we completed our loop because it was knocked down accidentally. That’s what makes it so exciting, you have to be very careful or all of your work is undone. We wanted to see how long of a trail we could create and it spanned the length of the room. Our play lasted for the entire nap time before my daughter came down and tore through all of the dominoes which was expected. A simple play idea with dominoes that will keep your child occupied and learning If you have little one at home who can’t control their movements well enough for dominoes, you can use other household items as well. My kids had fun playing with packages of toilet paper when my hubby came home after he stocked up at the grocery store. Once he finds a great price, he stocks up and we don’t need to buy anymore for a few months. My kids were tasked with putting the toilet paper away but as I was putting the groceries, the kids decided to have some fun with them instead. They built a house with them at first, a mini fort and then they lined them up and knocked them down. My kids decided it would be even better if they could make them fall from a higher point so they started lining them on the stairs. living room 2 Head on over to Adventures of Adam to see what other simple play ideas these other wonderful bloggers have come up with for this 30 day series. Simple play ideas

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  1. Adam and Daddy currently have a thing for dominoes so they will be following this activity! Brilliant resource with so many possibilities.

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