Shark Books for Preschoolers

If you’re studying the ocean, your kids will love learning about sharks. These fearsome creatures are fascinating and this list of shark books for preschoolers will be a hit.

If you have a shark lover, you’ll love these shark activities for kids.

You can celebrate sharks during Shark Week or add them to any of your ocean lessons plans.

Sharks are a favorite sea creature in this house for their ferociousness and variety, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Shark Books for Preschoolers

There are some fun shark characters that your preschoolers will love because who hasn’t had the Baby Shark song seared into their memory with kids this age?

While Baby Shark is great, or if you’re ready to move onto anything else than that, there are some fun other shark characters you can get to know too.

Want something unique? Try one of these handmade shark toys from Etsy.

shark Montessori matching tiles

You can’t go wrong with any of the shark books from this list.

You can dive into a fun story or one that teaches us the importance of having them in the ocean and how we can help make sure they survive.

Shark Books for Preschoolers

Did you love this list of shark books?

Learn more about how they grow by grabbing these shark life cycle worksheets below.

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