Preschool Sensory Activities: Christmas Bin

Last week I shared J’s (my preschooler) peppermint Christmas sensory bin. Today I will be sharing with you another one of our Christmas themed preschool sensory activities. Most preschoolers and toddlers LOVE sensory activities even if they are a bit apprehensive at first. This activity only requires a quick trip to the dollar store or the use of a paper shredder. christmas preschool sensory activities - christmas bin The first thing you will need is a large enough container to place all your sensory items in. I t could be a basket or even a bowl. We have a few plastic storage bins and so I tend to reuse them for my daughter. Once you have your container, you need to either shred red and green construction paper for the base or hit up your dollar store and grab a pack of Christmas shredded paper. The shredded paper will be your base. You want to place a layer thick enough to cover the entire base of the container that you will be using. Then you want to grab a few Christmas ornaments and other items that will appeal to as many senses as possible. The coloured paper addresses visual and if you have Christmas balls, especially the ones with different textures, as well as a few bells then you are on track. These items will stimulate auditory as well as tactic senses. Another thing that can be done is adding a few drops of peppermint or citrus or any scent that you have in your house to the bin. Simply add it to the shredded paper. If you bake every once in a while, you should have some vanilla extract in your cupboard. Trust me it smells fantastic. Once you have your bin all ready, simply invite your preschooler over to have a look. Let them know that this is their bin to explore and watch their imagination run wild. Also try to play with them as this also helps them to work on their conversational skills and you have the chance to simply spend one-on-one time with your awesome kid. If you love this simple activity, be sure to see the other Christmas activities we have done and will be doing this season.  


  1. Just did this with pink and red shredded paper for easter with eggs and cvc words inside. . It was a great hit. Thanks for all your ideas. I appreciate them.

    1. That’s a wonderful idea!

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