Preschool Oceans Unit Study

My son will be studying oceans so I compiled a list of resources we’ll be using. My have a full blown ocean lover and he’s in the fun age where he’s so enthusiastic about the world around him. He loves sharks and whales and loves any movies related to the ocean. He’s such an animal lover and wants to know everything about them. I often visit the library for all of our books so I can only go with what is available then which takes some planning. Books, activities and printables to put together your ow preschool ocean unit study

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Ocean Printables

We won’t use everything from each lapbook just one or two booklets. M2 also likes to color so I always print out extra coloring sheets to go into his lapbook.

Ocean Books

I like to choose a lot of readers, and then one large encyclopedia for extra information, you never know what other questions they’ll have. I also take a DK eyewitness book because it has a lot of pictures although I hate reading from it. We just talk about the pictures.

Ocean Activites

Ocean Videos and Documentaries

We always incorporate education videos into our learning because you can read all you want but you get a better sense of things through video.

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