Parts of a Penguin Worksheet

This Parts of a Penguin Worksheet is great for the kids! If you have penguin fans in the house, these worksheets are perfect! Not only are they great for penguin activities but they’re so good for visual learning for kids, too!

We really love penguin activities in our house so learning all about penguins is key. Since we talk about them so much, it just makes sense that we take the time to learn the proper names for their various parts.

You’ll love these other penguin activities for kids.

We tend to do this activity during the colder months of the year since when we think about penguins, we think about snow!

parts of a penguin worksheet

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Why do kids love learning about penguins?

It’s because they’re interesting and adorable. The black and white coloring paired with their cute little walk will have kids curious about them no matter what.

If you’re on the fence about studying penguins with the kids, just do it. It’s a fun subject that will be a great learning resource for them.

This is one of the winter topics that we talk about all the time, and it’s a simple one to get the kids interested in.

How can I keep my child interested in learning?

This can be a big struggle for parents. What is the best way to keep kids interested in learning?

What I’ve found throughout my years is that it’s super important for kids to learn about things that interest them.

And if you’re teaching them a topic that they’re not interested in, then make it fun for them to learn.

Incorporating worksheets, handouts, printables, and experiments are just a few of the ways to make topics fun and engaging.

I like to vary learning tactics by using books, toys, games, and more. This at least keeps ideas and activities new and entertaining for the kids in a fun and special way!

Have fun with the way that you teach and learn at home. This is what will help kids to understand that learning is really fun to do!



Parts of a Penguin Worksheet

One of the things that we really focus on when learning is that we identify the names of the parts of animals. “Fuzzy feet” sound cute and all but as they get older, that’s just not practical. Instead, work on helping them while they’re younger identifying the parts of the body of penguins, and then learn even more about them if you can!

Make sure that you check out this Penguin Life Cycle for Kids as a great activity to pair together with these printables.

Recommended Penguin Books for Kids

Since we love penguin learning, it just makes sense that we fill our house with books all about penguins. I’ve found that having books that are themed in the house is a great way to motivate the kids to pick up books and read.

Some of our favorite books are listed below but don’t think that this is anywhere near all of them! The library and bookstores are full of options that you can keep adding on.

What I love about books about penguins is that you can get fictional and nonfictional books, both. Keeping a wide range of books on hand for the kids is key. I will have about 10 books about a certain topic in the house at any given point in time.

What this does is have the kids read a variety of books and rotate through them as well. Once they get through with the first batch, I’ll rotate out with new ones and keep going with that cycle.

The way I see it – kids are never too young to start reading . Even if they’re not able to read yet, they can look at the pictures and talk about them with you.

If You Were a PenguinIf You Were a PenguinAll About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the SeaAll About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the SeaPeanut the PenguinPeanut the PenguinHow Do Penguins Play?How Do Penguins Play?Mr. Popper's PenguinsMr. Popper’s PenguinsThe Emperor's Egg: Read and WonderThe Emperor’s Egg: Read and Wonder


How to use these printable penguin worksheets

When I say that these are simple, they’re totally simple! You can print them out and let the kids get started!

As you can see, there is an image of the penguin with lines coming out of the parts that they have to identify. The word bank at the bottom gives them choices on where to put the parts and match them up.

If they don’t want to write out the words, you can have them work on their scissor skills and cut and glue the words as well. This is a fun way for them to use their fine motor skills in an easy way while learning all about the penguins at the same time.

penguin worksheets

Why learning about penguins is important

I think that learning about animals is important because kids are interested in animals. If we want them to stay engaged in learning, let’s give them something that they like to learn about!

Since we live in a colder climate part of the world, we’re lucky that we can go to zoos and such and see penguins. This gives the kids, even more, want to find out all they can!

And that leads to the next thing to remember when using learning printables. Try and find a way to incorporate what the kids have learned on paper out in the real world. Visiting a zoo and seeing penguins in person would be a great activity for the kids!

If you’re not able to do that, no worries. There are so many documentaries online or YouTube videos out there that it would be a great resource to snuggle up with and watch, too!

labeling the parts of a penguin worksheet

I love creating resources that can be used at home and at school. This is geared towards early learners but really is a great resource for all ages.

Sit down with the kids and watch their confidence grow as they’re able to label the parts of the penguin. This printable isn’t supposed to be hard and is a great way to give them a learning boost! You can extend the activity by talking to them more about penguins, reading more books about penguins, or even have an imaginative play with their stuffed animal penguins, too!

Don’t forget to print out your free penguin worksheet below

More Penguin Activities

As I stated above, the more penguin learning, the better! These are just a few other products and activities that I think would pair perfectly with the kids!

Penguin Sensory Activities

We love having fun with sensory activities! They’re a great way to encourage the kids to work and learn with their hands.

Sensory activities are also super fun for the kids and they do open the lines of communication as well.

The more activities that the kids do, the more that they want to learn with even more fun activities. It’s a win-win!

Penguin Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a great idea! Sensory play is so much fun for the kids and is a perfect way for hands-on fun. You can easily make this up any time of the day to have hours of sensory fun.

Sensory bins are great for fast activities that show kids how much fun sensory play is! They’ll love digging in their hands! You can also change out items and add new ones to keep it new and unique. The kids will love helping in creating it as well.

Felt Penguin Dress-Up Activity by STEAMsational

Check out this cute activity for the kids! Dressing up with felt allows them to play with this activity over and over again. This would be great for young kids to dress up the penguin and then change things around as much as they want! I think that an activity like this is fun for fine motor skills and also critical thinking.

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