Mysteries in Time Review – A Hands-on Way to Enjoy History

We love our history homeschool curriculum but to make it interactive, it takes more time and effort on my part while Mysteries in Time subscription box, does the work for me. Each month, my son is sent a new history box based on a time era. The first being Ancient Egypt which is always a fun time period to study with pharoahs, pyramids and their lifestyle. Because my son gets a “gift” each month, it makes history feel special and I’m happy because he’s enjoying the educational material that he’s learning at the same time. This was the first history box we had experience with and I was unsure how my son was going to receive them. He’s my math and science loving boy and not a real history buff like my oldest. However, once he got the first box, he went straight to the small booklet to read it. He’s a wonderful reader and he remarked how it was too short as he finished it in a short amount of time. Mysteries in Time Review - A hands on way to enjoy history, make it come alive with these fun craft ideas and activities to keep it from being a bore. The first box included materials for ancient Egypt, hooray. I love starting with Egypt. My daughter loved the toy, I think it’s a canopic jar but will need to check with my son. Yes, mom forgot. For the craft he got a clay which he turned into an amulet. The box also includes the stick on gems and paint for the craft. The box came with an info booklet and then there’s another info pamplet with activities like word searches, secret code games and crosswords at he back for kids to have fun with the new vocabulary they just learned. The first box includes a world map with a timeline at the bottom where you can place the sticker on to it to show which countries you have learned about. The second box was about the Elizabethan era, my son decorated his treasure box, if you must know the red signifies blood and that is a skull and crossbones in the middle to signify pirate treasure. Why the blood had to be present is beyond me, lol. This was my son’s favorite box because of the war and airplanes. This was my favorite too. He received an airplane craft to paint which modeled the toy one he received which he still plays with. My son isn’t into coloring so my daughter had fun coloring them instead. The foam airplane comes with propellers and flies quite well. If you’re looking to liven up your history curriculum, you need to take a look. How much does it cost? There are two packages, the classic package does not include the craft or toys and is $10.19/month, we got the Bumper package which I think really makes it fun and it is $16.61/month. Mysteries in Time is based in the UK but ships worldwide and we’re located in Canada. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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