THEMUSEUM Review: Learn about King Tut

If you’re ever in Kitchener, Ontario then you need to check out THEMUSEUM, it’s a great place to take your kids. They currently have an ancient Egypt exhibit – Unwrapping Egypt which is wonderfully well done. My kids love it.

The Unwrapping Egypt exhibit focuses on the tomb of King Tutankhamen which made for some wonderful photo ops. My kids were so busy running around trying to see everything it was hard to keep track of them. Thanks to hubby he found an optimal seat right in the middle of the action and was able to keep an eye on everyone.

My oldest is studying Ancient history this year so this exhibit was perfectly timed.

Learn all about Egypt by vising The Museum in Kitchener Ontario.

 When you first walk into THEMUSEUM, the first floor is a large playground where you can build with large foam blocks, this was my 1st grader’s favorite spot in the whole building. We started here and we relaxed here to eat and before we left. There’s also a large living wall with plants and large lighting area where the kids like to play with their shadows and several fish tanks.

On the second floor there are a lot of things to explore. My kids gravitated towards the large floor piano. There was a huge wooden maze the kids could maneuver, there’s also a great station where you can film a stop motion film which I thought was pretty cool. 

My kids gravitated towards the long water table, you could move the walls so that you could direct your boat down and race other kids. My daughter loved the huge magnetic board, she spent 15 minutes there matching things up and moving them around.

Waterloo Museum

The last two floors is where the Unwrapping Egypt exhibit is displayed. I wasn’t expecting it, I thought there was only one other floor so when  saw another floor I was so excited, the last one was even better. There was a lecture being given at the time of our arrival, which would have been great for my oldest son, however, my youngest two were not thrilled about sitting in a chair for an hour so we didn’t attend. There was just too much to see and explore.

The pictures are of the large exhibits but there were a lot of smaller ones and where they had the canopic jars for the organs and smaller clay figures and artifacts. 

In the tomb there are 3 sarcophagi and behind it there’s a great wall with the hieroglyphs and paintings which look really stunning. The Museum also had a 3000 year old mummy. It was located in  a room off of the major exhibit area. I wasn’t sure how my younger kids would react to it so we stayed clear of it. 


You can also find a huge chariot and other artifacts that were found in the tomb. I would have loved to just stand and read everything but one child was running one way and another in the other direction. There was just so much to see and do. On the 4th floor there’s a small gift shop and they have ancient Egyptian costumes and we dressed the kids up and took some pictures, it was so cute.

THEMUSEUM is located in downtown Kitchener, you will need to go onto the smaller streets to find parking or there is garage nearby that holds 300 cars. We were actually able to find parking close to the front of the building but it was a tight fit.

General admission for 14+ is $11.95, age 3-13 is $8.95 and toddlers up to 2 are free. There are also specials like $5 Wednesdays and grandparents are free on Thursdays.

You can follow THEMUSEUM on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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