The Kids Won’t Do Their Work

“Homeschooling on the Go”, to my readers, usually means some fun travels to see historic places or a hidden gem along the way! I wish I could say that is how it is all the time but it isn’t. The majority of our “homeschooling on the go” is in the car while we run the endless errands or are headed to an extracurricular activity for one of the bees. And sadly, some of that time – The Kids Won’t Do Their Work!! The Kids Won't Do Their Work! Homeschooling on the Go isn't always easy. The kids can get burned out just like us. It will be just fine.    

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Too Many Miles

I will admit it. The bees and I spend way too much time in the car traveling somewhere. We log a lot of miles on the tires and our feet. However, homeschooling makes doing all those things easier (okay, sometimes it is a nightmare). We haven’t been able to travel very “far” in the past couple weeks. The school year is wrapping up for us even though I plan to teach through the summer. Without all the crazy road trip travel, we are still logging miles for the extracurriculars we are involved in. Bubba is in Taekwondo and competes on occasion. Three weeks ago we were in Atlanta, Georgia, for a Class A competition. It was no joke. Kids and adults came from all over the U.S. to hopefully get points for Regional, National, and World championships. Excuse me but I don’t understand all the lingo and the mumbo jumbo of Taekwondo yet. The Kids Won't Do Their Work  

I am just a chauffeur.

The day we left for Atlanta, I had to teach at our co-op. It was a long day with 14 kindergartners. We got home as quickly as traffic would allow and hit the road for the the competition. We didn’t get any “Friday” work done because of the co-op. AAHH. I brought their school work with us. Did they work ever so diligently on completing the simple school tasks I asked them to? UM. NO. That’s a big, fat, NO. The Kids Won't Do Their Work  

The Kids Won’t Do Their Work!

At this point in the drive, my stress was elevated to an unhealthy level. If you have read my prior posts on “Homeschooling on the Go!”, my kids seem to be these well-mannered, eager to learn angels. I will admit that they are pretty awesome bees but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. They, on occasion, will go behind my back and do whatever they want. I needed them to listen to me in that moment and they didn’t. Needless to say, they didn’t get that work done. The Kids Won't Do Their Work   Homeschooling on the Go can be tough. It is exhausting, stressful, wonderful, and a blessing all rolled into one. I’ve come to understand that I can’t always be in control of every situation that happens with homeschooling, especially when we are on the road. Letting go of that constant urge to control the bees with their school while we are on the road has been liberating. I am still going to teach them. They will still want breaks from the boring schedule. And I may need to step away from the close quarters of being around them to breathe. It’s all okay. I know the bees will be just fine if they take a day off. It won’t be the end of the world. So get out there. Take your kids on a little adventure. Pack up their school stuff and just go! If they finish it all while out and about, then hooray. If they don’t finish everything you want them to in that moment, it will be just fine. If you have time you should check out two other “Homeschooling On the Go” and RV Living | Homeschooling On the Go! posts!

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