How to Cook with Your Kids

Cooking is wonderful life skill that every child can use and if you’re not teaching your kids to cook, you’re doing a disservice to them and yourself.

That’s right, imagine if your child can help you prepare meals and then even learn how to prepare a entire meal on their own.

How amazing would that be? Hello, genius plan right there, the goal is to get your kids to cook for you. That’s why I’m doing it at least.

I’ll show you an easy to figure out how to cook with your kids, keep reading.

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how to cook with your kids - how to get them in the kitchen with you

If you’re struggling to come up with recipe ideas to use with your kids, then you haven’t seen what Harlow’s Harvest has come up with.

We want to make cooking a fun time and encourage little cooks in the kitchen rather than make it seem like a chore.

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What the Cooking Kit includes

  • 3 recipe cards
  • 1 science activity
  • 1 budget cards to shop for ingredients
  • an apron
  • a collectible pin
  • a kid sized kitchen tool

For the first kit, we received a kids sized pizza cutting tool, it’s no joke, it does cut it’s just in miniature form for little hands.

The recipe cards are easy to read for the kids and each of the ingredients are show with the text and a picture.

My daughter was most excited about the pizza so we decided to try that one first. She was very adamant that it had a face and she loved getting her hands dirty while making the dough.

This was also the perfect opportunity to discuss yeast and how they work to make the dough rise. Kitchen science was hard at work here on this day.

She’s not a huge fan of olives or mushrooms so we used tomatoes, peppers and pineapples which are her favorite.

She added a pineapple nose and beard just so she could have it on the pizza.

While she doesn’t normally eat peppers, she doesn’t like them, she did decide to give them a try at least with her pizza. She didn’t love them but at least she tried and that’s all I could ask.

The small size of the pizza was perfect for her to use her little cutting tool with and it worked perfectly.

This cooking kit made my daughter so excited to cook on her own. She was able to read her recipe cards and there were pictures on what to mix next, it was really easy for her to follow along.

We’re going to make the chocolate chip biscotti next.

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If you’ve been struggling on how to get your kids in the kitchen, this is the perfect way to get your kids involved with meals.

This gets them genuinely excited about cooking and if you continue to nurture their skills now, you’ll have a little chef in no time.

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