Guest Posts on Living Life and Learning

I’d be happy to take your guest post submissions for my site. There are several guidelines to follow but I’d love for others to share their knowledge on my blog as well.

I welcome posts about homeschooling, parenting, education, kids’ activities, science, math, or family travel.

  • Post must be original and not posted anywhere else prior to or after the post is published
  • Post must be more than 400 words
  • If you have images you’d like to use, please send the originals, I prefer to create my own pinnable images for the post.
  • You can include 3 links to your own site within the post that are relevant to the article
  • Please include a biography with an image (profile picture or logo) and links to your blog and social media

Do not include:

  • affiliate links, although I reserve the right to add my own
  • swearing

Please email me your post in html format. The best way to do so is to write a new post on your blog then hit text and copy the code for your post.

If you’re not a blogger, send it to me as a google doc and I will format it myself.

I accept guest posts that would benefit my readers and provide a ton of value and I reserve the right reject any posts that don’t fall in line with my readership or are too promotional or salesy.