Fun Fraction Activities for Kids

Math doesn’t have to be a bore, take a look at the fun fraction activities for kids to make math more exciting. There are some wonderful ideas to illustration fractions and get kids learning in a hands-on way. There are ways to use printable games, draw out your questions and fun games that get the child thinking in terms of parts and wholes. This can be a challenging math topic to cover with young kids so why not make it interactive to capture their love of learning.

Learning fractions doesn't have to be a bore - try these fun fraction activities for kids to make learning about fractions more exciting.

Free Pizza Fraction Printables – Life Over C’s

What better way to practice fractions than with pizza? Use these free printables, or make a pizza on your own!

Apple Fractions File Folder Game – Itsy Bitsy Fun

Use this free file folder game to practice fractions with apples. It was made for grades 1-2.

Make Fractions Fun with Chocolate – Crafty Kids at Home

Math is best with food! Make fractions fun with this hands-on chocolate activity.

Paper Math Games Fraction Multiplication – Kids Activities Blog

Make math fun with a cootie catcher! Learn circle fraction graphs, fractions, and decimals. There’s also an add-on game involving multiplication for more advanced learners.

Fraction Bingo Fame – Schooltime Snippets

Turn learning fractions into a game! Play Bingo with these Bingo Cards, with fractions.

Printable Fraction Flowers – Teach Beside Me

Learn fractions with beautiful flowers made from paper plates! The flowers are large so you can easily see the fractions.

Pizza Fraction Clip Cards – The Kindergarten Connection

For tactile learners, use these free clip cards to practice fractions. The fraction cards have pizza on them, and students must choose the right equation out of 3 possible fraction combinations.

No-Prep Snowflake Fractions – Royal Baloo

Grab this free printable to create fractions from snowflakes. Plus, it is no prep, making it easy for a last minute activity.

 Sir Cumference and the Fracton Faire (A Math Adventures) Life of Fred: Fractions Key to Fractions Books 1-4, plus Answers and Notes

Zero Prep Differentiated Fractions Game – The Elementary Math Maniac

Designed for fifth graders, here are three hands-on fraction games to help reinforce fractions. Plus, they’re no prep, making things easier.

Teaching Number Line Fractions with a Freebie – The Owl Teacher

Using colored paper clips, link together line fractions. There’s also a free printable to make learning easier.

Freebie Fraction Flip Book – Mr. Mault’s Marketplace

Use this interactive flip book to practice fractions! It begins with one whole and has 6 common fractions.

Free Fraction of the Day Printable – You’ve Got This Math

Learn fractions one day at a time. This freebie allows you dissect different fractions, one day at a time.

Foodie Fractions – Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons

Practice fractions with foods, from ice cream scoops to pizza. They are made from construction paper, for maximum hands-on!

Fraction War Games – Math File Folder Games

Use this twist on the card game “War” to practice fractions. It’s best for mid to late elementary students, and can help with reviewing fractions quickly.

Fraction Hopscotch – Capturing Classroom Ideas

Whether it be inside or outside, create this fraction hopscotch.

 Learning Resources Magnetic Rainbow Fraction Tiles Educational Insights F-R-A-N-G-O Equivalent Fractions Game Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Learning Advantage 4720 Fraction City Game, Grade: 3

How to Teach Fraction to Visual Learners


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