Fun Fraction Activities for Kids

Math doesn’t have to be a bore, take a look at the fun fraction activities for kids to make math more exciting. There are some wonderful ideas to illustration fractions and get kids learning in a hands-on way. There are ways to use printable games, draw out your questions and fun games that get the child thinking in terms of parts and wholes. This can be a challenging math topic to cover with young kids so why not make it interactive to capture their love of learning.

Fun Fraction Activities for Kids

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How do you teach kids about fractions?

Fractions can be a tough concept for kids to grasp, but there are a homeschooling number of engaging activities that can make learning about fractions fun.

One way to introduce fractions is to have kids cut different types of fruits and vegetables into fractional parts. This activity helps kids to visualize what fractions actually look like, and it also gives them a chance to practice their knife skills.

Another fraction activity is to bake a batch of cookies, then have kids divide them into halves, thirds, or fourths. This activity not only reinforces the concept of fractions, but it also provides a delicious reward for all their hard work!

With a little creativity, homeschooling parents can come up with all sorts of fun activities to help their kids learn about fractions. Read on to find out more fun fraction activities for kids to help you with your homeschool fraction lesson.

Recommended Fraction Books for Kids

Learning fractions by reading these books will be fun and easier! Math lovers will be super happy to have these awesome books in their book collection!

Fraction FunFraction FunA Fraction's Goal ― Parts of a Whole (Math Is CATegorical ®)A Fraction’s Goal ― Parts of a Whole (Math Is CATegorical ®)Visual Fractions: A Beginning Fractions BookVisual Fractions: A Beginning Fractions BookIf You Were a Fraction (Math Fun)If You Were a Fraction (Math Fun)Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure (Charlesbridge Math Adventures)Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure (Charlesbridge Math Adventures)Give Me Half! (MathStart 2)Give Me Half! (MathStart 2)


Fun Fraction Activities for Kids

Recommended Fraction Activity Kits

Grab these learning kits from Etsy to make your lesson more interesting.

Pizza Fraction Puzzle

Introduce fractions to your little learner using this pizza fraction puzzle. I bet they will be excited to see their favorite food while learning.

Magnetic Fractions Puzzles

Get this colorful Montessori-inspired magnetic fraction puzzles for your child to practice fractions. This set includes a new metal tray, glass bowl, and puzzle pieces.

Fun Fraction Activities for Kids

These fraction activities will transform a regular lesson into an awesome one. Perfect for math lovers!

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