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Sometimes math curriculum alone won’t help math stick with your kids and you need to have some cool tools that you can count on. I love having them play educational math games because they just think they’re playing games while they’re learning at the same time.If you need math help send your kids to the computer to play these free online math games for kidsTimezattack has a free and paid option to learn the four basic math operations. I have to thank this game for teaching my son how to multiply. It has an arcade feel to the game as they learn their math facts. After we used the multiplication facts, they came out with the other operations. My younger son will be using this as well. Sheppard Software – these simple and fun games will make learning math seem like a breeze. – This site has games from K to grade 6 and there are a great variety of games for kids. Cool Math Games – A neat site with a huge variety of games that seem more arcade like. Mr. Nussbaum – I found a few neat little games here for my kids and they loved this site. Funbrain has a small list of colorful math games. Arcademics is a great list of games for students in grade 1 to grade 6. PBS Kids Math – I love PBS kids stuff because they work really hard on their games and it favorite-resources 10 Free Online Homeschool Resources – Simple At Home Resources for Homeschooling With Google Play Book – Maria Magdalena Living Ideas Kid-Friendly Resources for Learning to Code – Schooling a Monkey Online Reading Tutoring Resources– Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading 11 Awesome Homeschool Sites That Are Free – Embark on the Journey Home Occupational Therapy Program -Our Crazy Adventures In Autismland Resources We Recommend for Middle and High School -Classes By Beth My Favorite Resources for Unit Studies – Chestnut Grove Academy 100 Free Homeschool Resources – Stephanie Rose Knows Websites That Encourage Creativity in Kids – Amy’s Wandering My Favorite Online  Homeschool Resources- A Sip of Southern Sunshine 8 Fun and Educational Websites for Preschoolers – Homeschool Preschool Elections 2016 Homeschool Resources – Ben and Me A Few of My Favorite {Homeschool} Things – Embracing Destiny


    1. Thanks for the heads up, I just went to download the free version for my son.

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