My Top 10 Homeschool Essentials

Each homeschool runs differently and each mother/father is going to have their own way of homeschooling their children but here is my list of homeschooling essentials for our school. There are only a few basics that I think every school needs, everything else you can go without. If I had to cut things down and only have the basics, this is what I would want. The top 10 resources I used in my homeschool 10.  A white board and dry erase markers – we use this every single day in our house for math during the early years and writing as well. For some reason, writing on the board makes school work so much more fun for them. They can use different colors and they have fun erasing it as well. Whenever, we were having math issues, I’d have him do it on the whiteboard and he was always more willing to try then. 9. Craft supplies  – You can get so many things from the dollar store that will occupy your little ones and allow them to get creative. This includes anything from markers, pencil crayons, paint, pom poms, stickers, feathers, paper plates/bags, straws, glitter and tape. 8. Manipulatives – No matter what math program you are using, your children will always benefit from using manipulatives. This can include linking cubes, blocks, a clock, pattern blocks, measuring tape, a scale, a 100 chart, a ruler. Don’t feel as though you have to go all out with the expensive kit. If you can’t afford those pricey manipulatives, make your own or use M&Ms or raisins as counters. Get creative and supplement as needed so you only have to purchase what you can’t make. 7. Curriculum – This just depends on how you run your homeschool, however, I’m sure if needed I could go without it and use all free resources from the internet. However,  that is a more time consuming way to do things, so I choose curriculum. 6. Binders/Duotangs – Well, where is all my child’s work stored? I hate having loose papers everywhere, either my child has a binder for his school work or a duotang for each subject. It depends on the work that he’s doing. If it’s something that we’re going to continually add to, we use a binder. If I’m printing out stuff, I like to make a booklet and add it to a duotang. This works better for the early elementary years. 5. Library Card – My homeschool would be nothing without the library. If I had to purchase all the books we read, I’d be broke. I’m so thankful for our library system here and I always make sure to keep an eye on our due dates. I’ve only paid late fines 2 times this year. 4. Paper – All kinds of paper, printer paper, construction paper, lined paper, you name it and we need it. 3. Printer – Let me rephrase this, a good printer. I have a laser printer that only prints black and white and I can duplex my pages. I didn’t want to have to spend tons of money on ink cartridges so I went without color. I love my Brother printer, I paid $99 and on toner save mode I can print over 3000+ pages with it. 2. Computer – I do everything from researching, planning, shopping, and reading on there. We listen to audiobooks and there are so many great online resources and games for my kids on there. I don’t know what I would do without it. I’ve found so many freebies and I can purchase digital downloads and save on shipping particularly since I’m in Canada. 1. A willing teacher  – The only way anyone is going to learn in a homeschool is if you have a willing teacher. Someone who is willing to do the research and planning that it takes to homeschool. A teacher who is excited and  relays that to their students is going to have a great homeschool. A teacher who will have a great deal of patience and  be willing to change to their students needs is going to have a successful year. And if you don’t and need to work on some of that, that’s ok too because nobody’s perfect. As long as you start the next day with a new and positive attitude, your children will learn.

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  1. Heather V says:

    I would say all of those are essential in our school as well! ESP the white board and markers! I’m forever buying new markers!!!

    1. I’m always on the lookout for sales.

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