Dear Homeschool Mom, Are you taking care of yourself?

Homeschool Mom are you running ragged and wondering what you are doing wrong? Have you taken a good look at yourself to ensure that you are doing everything you can to be in tip top shape to be a homeschool mother.

As a mother is really does suck when you get sick, you can’t just take a day off because there are little people who are depending on you for all of their basic needs. I would love to just lay down and take a nap in the middle of the day, however, if that happened I’d wake up to a huge mess with kids running rampant.

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Homeschool mom, don't forget that you have to look after yourself too

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Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you waking up exhausted in the morning? Then you are clearly not getting enough sleep. Are you staying up late catching up on Facebook or if you’re a blogger perhaps staying up into the night hours to write out a post. No? Only me? Well, if you need to be up when your kids are up, it’s likely that you are not getting enough sleep.

Perhaps you’re staying up late to get some “you” time. Well maybe you can do that by waking up early before the kids wake up. Or maybe you want to instill a quiet time in the afternoon to get some work done. Just make sure it doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

What is your pick me up?

If you’re not a morning person then maybe your need a early morning pick me, caffeine anyone? I’m not a  coffee drinker but I love my green tea with sugar and milk. I love having a nice warm drink in the morning before you head into the trenches.

Are you eating well?

Are you eating a well balance diet with full meals and snacks. I  could be considered a garbage disposal because I would wait until the kids ate and then finish their leftovers. Well, then I’d find that I was hungry again later and start snacking on things that I should not have been so late in the evening.

I work hard to ensure that my kids are fed well with veggies and fruit throughout the day but then I was neglecting my own diet and just picking and eating from everyone elses plate so sit down and have your own plate of food. I just have  smaller portion since I know someone won’t finish something that will go onto my plate.

Are getting enough exercise?

I chase the kids around, that’s my exercise. We try to get outside daily which is important for us before the snow hits and we don’t get out as often. What are you into? Take a nature walk with the kids or go for a walk with the baby stroller. Or leave your oldest in charge and head on a walk by yourself and a have that be your alone time. Can’t get outside? We have a Play Station 4 so we are a huge fan of Just Dance. Gets us all moving and it’s super fun… and tiring.

Can you minimize stress?

Is meal planning and prep stressful for you then you need to have a plan to make your days less worrisome. That way you’re not wondering what you are going to eat for dinner at 3pm.
Take some time for  yourself?

What about you, what do you do for yourself to ensure that you have a great day?

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