Our Homeschool Curriculum – Grade 8 and Grade 1

I’m finalizing my plans for our school year and I love getting down where I can see everything. I love reading other people’s homeschool curriculum plans as well. This year I have an 8th grader, this terrifies me very much because I’m just so nervous about whether or not I have prepared him enough for high school. There is definitely a lot that we need to work on in terms of time management and note taking. I really want him to own his school work and create a schedule that works for both of us.

I have 3 math programs listed for him because we just discovered Tabletclass Math at the end of last year. He really likes it but I had to back up and review some topics before we could progress in it. My son also loves Life of Fred so he wanted to continue on with the series. I don’t believe that the books alone work well for him as a standalone so we will work through the Saxon 8/7 test booklet to see where in the book he will need to start.  I want him to continue on with Tabletclass math and see how it goes for him because it is working for him. I think we will work on Life of Fred in December and the end of the school year to over the summer as  break from our regular program.

See our eclectic #homeschool curriculum for grade 1 and grade 8

I’m still working on their reading list so will update this once it’s ready.

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Grade 8

Reading List

  • The Hobbit
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Kidnapped
  • Treasure Island

Grade 1


Bob Books


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