Canada’s Wonderland Review

Canada's Wonderland Review

Its has been a very long long week for my homeschooling family. We did a field trip a day and it was a lot of learning, exploring, discovering and of course fun. For our last field trip before my hubby has to go back to work was to Canada’s Wonderland.  On our other field trip it was a mixture of learning and fun, our trip to Canada’s Wonderland was nothing but fun, fun and more fun.

Canada’s Wonderland is located in the city of Vaughn. You can get to CW by highway 400 and exiting on Major Mackanzie Drive. The amusement park is visible from  highway 400 so you should have no problem finding it. CW is roughly 330 acre with a 20 acre water park.  Parking is $20. The park is huge and unless you’re a young couple or highly energized young teenager you can’t do everything in one day.  We are a young family of 5 and we spent 10 hours at CW and it’s safe to say we didn’t see more than 20% of the park on our visit.


This is one smart family as with any other young family that brought their wagon. We didn’t bring ours and it was quite the workout for daddy carrying his princess around for 10 hours.  It is highly recommended that you bring a wagon or a stroller with lots of storage space to make your day at the park easier. There is no outside food allowed in the park but they do allow snacks that are store bought or fruits and water. We had a cooler of food that we left in the car and we came out to eat and re-entered the park.


First order of the day was “Splash Works.”  We arrived at the park on a hot and muggy day so we headed straight for the water park to cool off.  the water park is at the back end of CW so it was quite the trek to get there.


Splash Works had everything you expect from a premier water park. There’s the “lazy river”, various water slides and many tube rides. Splash Works has water slides laid specifically for your little ones and tube rides where you can ride with your young children. There’s also a water playground and wading pool where parents can watch and play with your kids. There’s a splash park and small tot pool for your little ones.


The wave pool was our favorite area of the water park and of Canada’s Wonderland. We spent 5 hours here and lost track of time.  As you can see in this picture CW had life guards walking around making sure the little ones had a life jacket. When I was there security staff and lifeguards also helped a relieved mother find her child. Kudos to the employees for looking after their guests.


After spending most of our day at the water park we were sprinting see the rest of the park.  With young kids in mind we headed for “Planet Snoopy.” Planet Snoopy is an amusement area built for ages 2-10. Planet Snoopy closes at 9 pm.


Roller coaster, helicopter ride, balloon ride and maze for young children. My toddler was permitted on some of the rides as long as she is accompanied by an adult.


There were many rides like these ones where parent can ride along with their kids. I had as much fun as the kids!


The traditional playground in Snoopy Land where parents can take a seat and let their children play.


There’s no shortage of fast food, treats and dining experiences at Canada Wonderland. There’s even a buffet located by the “Medieval Fair”.


Bumper cars was the only ride outside of the water park and Planet Snoopy we had time for that allowed both boys to join in.

Our visit to Canada’s Wonderland was outrageously fun for the kids. We wished we had a lot more time to see and do more things at the park.  Canada’s Wonderland did a tremendous job catering to younger children. There was plenty to do for the little ones. The park wasn’t overly busy on the day of our visit, wait time for the rides were reasonable. Most of the kids rides were manned by attentive employees to ensure the safety of kids so the process of getting them in and out of the rides can take time.  I was very impressed by CW employees, the ones manning the rides in Planet Snoopy and life guards at the water park were trained exceptionally well in ensuring the safety of younger children.

We are definitely going to try to get back to Canada’s Wonderland this year to see what else the park has to offer. The kids were definitely disappointed with missing the Dinousar’s Alive exhibit. My boys were really looking forward to this but we ran out of time and didn’t realized that the exhibit closed at 8:30pm.

Our main goal with the last field trip was to have lots of fun. Dad and I were exhausted at the end of the day but we couldn’t be happier to see the joy in our children after our visit to Canada’s Wonderland. Its been a long school year and ending it on a trip that was all fun and nothing else was an ideal reward for all the hard work they’ve put into their study.


Beautiful light show to bid visitors good bye.

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 Disclaimer: I received free tickets for my family and I in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions  I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

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