Books About Gratitude for Preschoolers

Are you looking for Books about Gratitude for Preschoolers? Then you’re in the right place! It is essential to instill gratitude in our little ones from a young age and reading is an excellent way to introduce and develop this mindset.

Don’t forget to have a look at my list of Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids for more Thanksgiving ideas.

I will share some fantastic books perfect for preschool-aged children. By teaching children to be thankful for what they have, we can help them develop into well-rounded, empathetic individuals. Now, let’s get started!

A collage of Books About Gratitude for Preschoolers

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Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Preschool

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to engage preschoolers in fun and educational activities. From crafts to games and tracing activities, there are plenty of ways to make learning enjoyable during this festive season.

Here are some exciting ideas to keep your little ones entertained while enhancing their knowledge:


Encourage creativity and fine motor skills with Thanksgiving-themed crafts. Have them make handprint turkeys using colorful construction paper, or create pumpkin collages using tissue paper and glue.

>> Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


Turn learning into a playful experience with Thanksgiving-themed games. Play “Pin the Feather on the Turkey” or have a scavenger hunt where kids search for hidden Thanksgiving-related items around the house or classroom.

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Fine Motor Skill Activities

Help preschoolers improve their handwriting and coordination with Thanksgiving-themed Fine Motor Skill activities. You can provide them with printable worksheets featuring turkeys, pumpkins, and other festive elements.

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Engage children’s imaginations with Thanksgiving stories that teach important lessons about gratitude and giving thanks. Gather them around for a storytelling session or encourage them to act out their Thanksgiving-themed skits.

>> Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Remember, the key is to make these activities both educational and enjoyable. By incorporating crafts, games, tracing activities, storytelling, and cooking, you can create a memorable and enriching Thanksgiving experience for your preschoolers.

Recommended Thanksgiving Toys

Celebrate the holiday spirit while encouraging creativity, problem-solving, and social skills. Your little ones will be thankful for these amazing playtime companions.

Aurora World Taddle Toes Stuffins Turkey Plush, 10Aurora World Taddle Toes Stuffins Turkey Plush, 10PLUS PLUS – Mini Maker Tube – Turkey – 70 Piece, Construction Building Stem Toy, Interlocking Mini Puzzle Blocks for KidsPLUS PLUS – Mini Maker Tube – Turkey – 70 Piece, Construction Building Stem Toy, Interlocking Mini Puzzle Blocks for KidsBaby's My First Thanksgiving Fill and Spill Toy PlaysetBaby’s My First Thanksgiving Fill and Spill Toy PlaysetA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Remastered Deluxe Edition)A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Remastered Deluxe Edition)JOYIN Set of 2 Thanksgiving Turkey Headbands Holiday Party Accessories (One Size Fit All)JOYIN Set of 2 Thanksgiving Turkey Headbands Holiday Party Accessories (One Size Fit All)Squishmallow 12Squishmallow 12


A collage of Books About Gratitude for Preschoolers

Recommended Thanksgiving Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Thanksgiving

This pack is filled with fun activities for the holidays for your little learner.

Color Your Own “Thanksgiving “I am Thankful For…” Wheel Craft Kit

Don’t miss your chance to grab this cute wheel craft kit to get kids more engaged during the Thanksgiving season!

Books About Gratitude for Preschoolers

These books will cultivate gratitude in preschoolers and are a wonderful way to nurture their emotional well-being and instill positive values from an early age. These books also introduce them to new vocabulary, help develop language and comprehension skills.

By introducing these delightful stories into your child’s life, we can empower our little ones to embrace gratitude, fostering a lifelong habit that will enrich their relationships and overall sense of happiness.

Let’s embark on this enchanting journey together and watch as gratitude blossoms in the hearts of our preschoolers.

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