Best Tips to Visit Canada’s Wonderland with the Whole Family

If you’re looking for a place to take the entire family this summer, you have to go to Canada’s Wonderland. There is something for everyone to do in the park.

It can be difficult to get to all of the attractions when you have multiple kids and they each have their own preferences.

I’ll give you some tips on the best way to visit Canada’s Wonderland with the Whole Family.

When you get tickets to Canada’s Wonderland, you want to make sure you have the full day there. Last year we had 8 hours there and still didn’t feel like we had enough. We stayed until they closed.

So this year we were early, at least for us, and had the entire day there.

My kids range in age from 7 – 17 so it’s definitely a challenge to find something we all love.

Best tips to visit Canada's Wonderland with the whole family

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Tips on things to pack for Canada’s Wonderland

We planned to go on really nice day, it was actually going to be quite hot. So I dressed the kids in their swim clothes so they could just walk in, they dry quickly and we could leave easily.

This worked out well because the change rooms had long line ups so we didn’t have to wait for them.

There’s no outside food allowed in the park. If you’re trying to save money you can eat before you go in and they have a picnic area outside the gates where you can eat if you decide to bring your own food.

I knew we’d be eating inside the park so I brought a snack to hold the kids over until lunch. It was going to be a hot day.

  • Pre-park snack
  • Water
  • Easy to carry backpacks
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Light clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Towels (if hitting the waterpark)

We wanted to keep things light and simple which is why the kids were dressed in their swim clothes. So we didn’t have to bring in a change of clothes. I could have used flippers or a comfy sandal that would dry quickly as the ground was really hot.

This is the view as my daughter waited for her brothers to go on their rides. The younger two stuck together while my teen left with my brother, his ride partner.

I suggest bring a friend for your teen to hang out with so you don’t have to do the crazy rides with them.

That was the plan until we realized that my 11 year old no longer cared for the Snoopy land rides, which he was fine with last year. But he wanted to do the big rides.

And guess who was his partner? Yeah, it just doesn’t feel the same at this age. Before it was all fun, but now as a parent, all I could feel was my stomach flying around and that wasn’t a good feeling at all.

I think I’m too old for it all but he needed a buddy so off we went.

Canada's Wonderland review

We did the rides that didn’t have a huge lineup. We knew we’d circle back around on our way back so found rides that had shorter lineups and that way my daughter didn’t have to wait to long for us.

Then we made it to my daughter’s favorite area., she had been asking about it all day and waited patiently for us to get there so she was thrilled when we finally arrived.

Remember Snoopy land closes an hour earlier than the park closes so we wanted to make sure she had enough time here.

There are a ton of kid-friendly rides here, you’ll find in the evening the line ups start to die down.

My daughter could go no the rides on her own, she really loved the swings or when she needed a partner, her brother was willing to go with her.

We took a break to eat at the Backlot Cafe. There are different food choices from different regions so you can choose to eat Canadian, Mediterranean, Mexican or Indian food here.

We got two Mediterranean dishes and an Indian one for butter chicken. My daughter is seen here enjoying her chicken souvlaki.

To cool off we headed to the water park. This was a pleasant treat since it was so hot.

If your child is under a certain height, they will need a life vest to go into the giant wave pool. There’s a ton to do here for all ages.

We stuck to this water play area as it was close to the wave pool.

For younger kids, they have their own water park which was toddler/preschool-friendly. That area also had a fun slide ride for kids.

My kids just enjoyed shooting people with water and spent a ton of time on this thing.

If you come here, you always have to get a shot in front of the mountain. Every few hours there are divers who jump off the top. That was really exciting to watch.

Before you leave to have to make time for either the Beaver Tails or Funnel Cakes since others are doing the same the line for the main one near the mountain on the way out gets super packed.

So you’d be better off grabbing it earlier or from a different location.

So basically I saw my teen at the start and then when we met up to leave. He was self-sufficient and they preferred to do their own thing.

The last thing we did was the bumper cards so my son and hubby could try to crash into each other.

My daughter was too short for that ride, but enjoyed watching. It was a great way to end the day.

We did catch the circus show, and at the end a man gets shot out of a cannon and my kids thought this show was amazing.

There are a ton of activities for kids of all ages, we just tried to ensure we did something for everyone.

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