Best Homeschool High School Math Curriculum

Did you know a lot of homeschool families because they feel they can’t adequately teach high school?

I would hate for you to end your homeschool journey early just for this reason alone when there are some other options for you going into high school.

We’ve found the best homeschool high school math curriculum and you’ll want to see this too!

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Math is always one of the reasons cited why families stop homeschooling. Parents feel as though they can’t adequately teach high school math to their teens because they hated math and barely scraped by.

There are online options for high school classes that you can take advantage of if you’d prefer not to teach math.

I’m in Ontario, Canada so this will differ depending on where you are located.

High school students can take online classes via our school board through the Virtual Learning Center. There are also correspondence courses available through ILC. This is done through the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Disclosure: I received compensation as part of my affiliation with Teaching Textbooks. However, the opinions on this blog are my own.

There are other online classes that are offered through different institutions.

There are homeschool curriculum companies that teach live classes with a teacher that you can interact with or there are online courses.

For us, math was a daily battle and I had to find something that would allow him to do it on his own.

It had to be something that was engaging but also explained the material well enough for him to grasp it.

We did try the online classes through our school board, but the teaching format did not suit my son.

Luckily, I heard a friend was using Teaching Textbooks who raved about it. So I found a used copy of Pre-algebra and we were on our way.

He was able to do it on his own and he was getting it. It was wonderful.

They now have the 3.0 option which is an online option subscription that makes it more affordable for families to use.

My son is currently finishing up Algebra 1.

I like that there aren’t any CDs this time around since we’ve moved to a laptop that doesn’t have a disk drive.

Teaching Textbooks is a wonderful option for high school math. Each lesson starts with a lecture and 5 practice questions. Then there are 19-23 questions for each lesson.

You have the option to turn on/off the hints and second chances. I leave the second chance on in case my son makes a careless mistake, he can correct it himself.

It’s super easy to go in and see his marks and which questions he had problems with.

Teaching Textbooks now as the option for you to get a free trial.

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